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Netflix has already renewed Castlevania for season two!

I was already sold on the Netflix CASTLEVANIA series from the moment it was announced. After we heard that the series was going to feature an amazing line-up of voice-actors, including Graham McTavish as Dracula , I was even more sold. If that's possible. Truth be told, it totally slipped my mind that the 4-episode first season started streaming today on Netflix, but I plan to get...
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Netflix's Castlevania announces voice cast!

The last time we talked about the upcoming animated CASTLEVANIA series on Netflix was when we shared with you guys the show's trailer and let you know that the series is set to hit the streaming service on July 7th . Today we have news from producer Adi Shankar himself, via YouTube, on who will be providing the voice work for the series. To get the coolest bit of casting...
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The Void hits Netflix this July!

You know, I used to do a cool series of posts  highlighting/recommending horror movies on Netflix. You may have been wondering why it's been so long since we've posted one here at AITH... and then you looked on Netflix yourself over the last few weeks (a full month) and realized that 'Hell, Netflix hasn't put out anything good for a month if not...
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Netflix reveals a trailer, release date for animated Castlevania series

For more than a decade, various filmmakers have been trying to bring the concepts presented in the Castlevania video game series to the screen in some way. Directors Paul W.S. Anderson, Sylvain White, and James Wan have all worked on a live action adaptation at different points, but they've never been able to get it off the ground. It may be a while before we see the...
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Adi Shankar shares a look at the Castlevania animated series' castle

I know next to zero about the CASTLEVANIA video game franchise, but I do know it's about a dude with a sword and a whip fighting monsters, and that sounds pretty badass to me. It was announced earlier this month that Netflix will be releasing "Season 1, Part 1" of a Castlevania animated series onto their streaming service sometime in 2017. I intend to watch this series...
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Castlevania animated series coming to Netflix in 2017!

This news is too cool/funny/awesome. What feels like just the other day my brother and I were talking about the rumor of a CASTLEVANIA animated series coming out from the guys who made ADVENTURE TIME. The rumor went a little something like this: On the Nick Animation Podcast, Frederator creator Fred Siebert said that he's working on an unnamed project based on “one of the...
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A Castlevania cartoon might be coming soon from the Adventure Time studio

Rumors of a Castlevania adaptation have been aswirl for about as long as the video game series has been around, but Frederator Studios might have just made an announcement that will change everything. On the Nick Animation Podcast, Frederator creator Fred Siebert said that he's working on an unnamed project based on “one of the most world-famous video...
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Adi Shankar producing an animated Castlevania mini-series

An adaptation of the horror video game series CASTLEVANIA has long been struggling to reach the screen. A feature film was in development for several years under the guidance of MORTAL KOMBAT / RESIDENT EVIL director Paul W.S. Anderson, with Anderson at first wanting to direct the film himself, but over the years handing the helm over to Sylvain White and later James...
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Konami teases a console release of Castlevania Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate

MercurySteam's CASTLEVANIA LORDS OF SHADOW: MIRROR OF FATE arrives on 3DS next month, but if you prefer to play your games on a big TV screen, then let me tell you that Konami could likely launch MIRROR OF FATE on consoles in the near future. Konami's UK studio head, Dave Cox , explains: "We created everything in high definition - all the textures, all the levels,...
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