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Annette O'Toole reminisces about It, doesn't think it should be remade

This summer, director Andy Muschietti will be pitting a whole new batch of actors against the evil clown Pennywise in his take on the Stephen King novel IT . Regardless of how well Muschietti's version is received, the previous adaptation of IT, the 3+ hour mini-series directed by Tommy Lee Wallace that aired in 1990, will always have its place in the horror genre. It has a legion...
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Dissecting Writer/Director Paul Schrader!

"I killed more screen characters in the first four films I wrote than I have since. I realized I had to stop writing violence." --- PAUL SCHRADER Paul Schrader is not only one of the most accomplished and trenchantly observed screenwriters who ever sat at the Underwood, he's become quite a gifted film director as well. No doubt informed by his filmmaking...
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Horror Movie Hotties: Cat People (1982)

I'm ashamed to admit this, but I feel comfortable consoling in you guys, as there's no face to along with these words... As the years go on, I've become more interested in the "erotic thriller" genre of movies. As you're probably aware, many of them are terrible, and at best, completely unrelatable. That last part especially goes for a film like 1982's CAT...
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Top 10 Horrific Man-Anmial Hybrids!

Dude, TUSK? What else is there to say other than...WTF?!? Personally speaking, even if I weren't a lifelong Kevin Smith fan - in particular his sinister newfound collaborations with the great Michael Parks - the sheer insanity of the premise alone makes TUSK a must-see. I mean, Michael Parks going to painstaking lengths to morph Justin Long into a human Walrus? Holy F*ck! So, as the flick...
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Scream Factory details upcoming Cat People and Die Monster Die blu-rays!

Scream Factory is delivering some New Year's treats in January with the releases of two cult classics on Blu-ray: Paul Schreader's sexy, scary CAT PEOPLE and the crazy DIE MONSTER DIE . For the first time ever on Blu-ray, the definitive collector’s edition of CAT PEOPLE features anamorphic widescreen movie presentation and is packed with a bounty of special bonus content, a...
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Scream Factory announces 5 more titles, including Darkman, Cat People, Assault on Precinct 13

Here at AITH, we make no secret of our love for all things Scream Factory . No one in the biz does it better than those folks when it comes to delivering fan favorite and cult-classic sci-fi and horror to genre fans. On the heels of the very exciting news that Scream Factory would be bringing us NIGHTBREED: THE CABAL CUT sometime in 2014 we have the announcement of 5 other titles...
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