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Annette O'Toole reminisces about It, doesn't think it should be remade

This summer, director Andy Muschietti will be pitting a whole new batch of actors against the evil clown Pennywise in his take on the Stephen King novel IT . Regardless of how well Muschietti's version is received, the previous adaptation of IT, the 3+ hour mini-series directed by Tommy Lee Wallace that aired in 1990, will always have its place in the horror genre. It has a legion...
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Dissecting Writer/Director Paul Schrader!

"I killed more screen characters in the first four films I wrote than I have since. I realized I had to stop writing violence." --- PAUL SCHRADER Paul Schrader is not only one of the most accomplished and trenchantly observed screenwriters who ever sat at the Underwood, he's become quite a gifted film director as well. No doubt informed by his filmmaking...
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Top 10 Horrific Man-Anmial Hybrids!

Dude, TUSK? What else is there to say other than...WTF?!? Personally speaking, even if I weren't a lifelong Kevin Smith fan - in particular his sinister newfound collaborations with the great Michael Parks - the sheer insanity of the premise alone makes TUSK a must-see. I mean, Michael Parks going to painstaking lengths to morph Justin Long into a human Walrus? Holy F*ck! So, as the flick...
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Scream Factory details upcoming Cat People and Die Monster Die blu-rays!

Scream Factory is delivering some New Year's treats in January with the releases of two cult classics on Blu-ray: Paul Schreader's sexy, scary CAT PEOPLE and the crazy DIE MONSTER DIE . For the first time ever on Blu-ray, the definitive collector’s edition of CAT PEOPLE features anamorphic widescreen movie presentation and is packed with a bounty of special bonus content, a...
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Scream Factory announces 5 more titles, including Darkman, Cat People, Assault on Precinct 13

Here at AITH, we make no secret of our love for all things Scream Factory . No one in the biz does it better than those folks when it comes to delivering fan favorite and cult-classic sci-fi and horror to genre fans. On the heels of the very exciting news that Scream Factory would be bringing us NIGHTBREED: THE CABAL CUT sometime in 2014 we have the announcement of 5 other titles...
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