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Kill of the Day: Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight (1995)

One of my personal guilty pleasures is TALES FROM THE CRYPT: DEMON KNIGHT. Actually I don't even feel guilty about that so I guess it's not. DEMON KNIGHT is awesome! I'm sure most out there would agree with me on that one. Who doesn't want to watch a bunch of people get terrorized by Billy Zane and some demons?! Exactly! For today's Kill of the Day we're taking a look at DEMON KNIGHT...
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Kill of the Day: Orphan (2009)

How do you guys feel about 2009's ORPHAN? I dug it. The flick was pretty original and I had a good time with it. Hell I even remember seeing this thing in theaters and cheering out loud at the end. What part did I erupt in chorus at? Well today's Kill of the Day of course! In this scene we've got the final showdown between Vera Farmiga's Kate and Isabelle Fuhrman's Esther. When Farmiga...
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