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SFX artist Remy Couture found not guilty on obscenity charges

Last week , we reported Canadian special effects artist and filmmaker Remy Couture was on trial in Montreal for obscenity charges. Now, we are pleased to hear that Couture has been found not guilty . "It's like a 400-pound weight has been lifted,'' Couture stated to reporters while exiting the courthouse Saturday. "It's been the most stressful thing I've ever had to go...
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Canadian horror filmmaker on trial for corrupting morals

Canada has a long history of creating great horror films. The country's exploits into the genre have brought us filmmakers like Ivan Reitman, Bob Clark, and David Cronenberg, not to mention the great website you're currently browsing. Yet despite the storied history of Canadian horror, the work of one of Quebec's up-and-coming genre filmmakers is now on trial for obscenity charges....
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