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Original Vs. Remake: When A Stranger Calls

We had a lot of great comments regarding the films from our last Maniacal Original Vs. Remake . Though both versions of Maniac got some lovin, the raw intensity of the original still won out. Better luck next time, Frodo. For today's O Vs. R, we are dialing up a creepy little number that definitely makes a babysitter think twice before checking the children. I'm talking about WHEN A...
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Gore & nudity abound in exclusive red band trailer for Scavenger Killers

On tap for ya today we have the EXCLUSIVE red-band trailer premiere for Dylan Blank's SCAVENGER KILLERS, and it's filled with enough nudity and gore to make even the most jaded of genre fans happy. You want sexy nude women covered in blood? You got it! You wanna see classic character actors chewing the scenery? You'll get it by the truckload here. You like over-the-top gore?...
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Scavenger Killers, starring Eric Roberts and Robert Loggia, coming soon

Midnight Releasing has announced a July 1st DVD, VOD and Digital Download release of SCAVENGER KILLERS , a blood and guts contemporary tale of justice gone very, very wrong. Flick has an eclectic cast, including Eric Roberts, Charles Durning, Robert Loggia, Dustin Diamond, Rachael Robbins, Suzi Lorraine and Robert Bogue. Bogue stars as charismatic and respected Judge Taylor...
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