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DVD/Blu-ray Release Dates: November & December 2015!

How the hell did this happen? October can't already be over, can it? Sheesh. Well, guess that means we're moving into the holiday gift-giving season, hence it's time to update our GENRE DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section! November will be bringing such beauts as the gritty revenge thriller   SOME KIND OF HATE , a double feature of   TROLL and TROLL 2 (you know you're dying for...
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Alchemy will take you to Charlie's Farm on November 3rd

If you've seen MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (and if you haven't, why haven't you?), one of the characters who might have stood out to you is Rictus Erectus, largely because of the size of the man playing him, 6'11" powerlifter/retired wrestler Nathan Jones. When there's someone that size in the acting world, the horror genre can't just let them pass by, and Australian writer/director Chris Sun...
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New trailer for Chris Sun's Aussie slasher Charlie's Farm, with Kane Hodder

In November of last year we learned that DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL director Chris Sun was set to helm the Aussie slasher CHARLIE'S FARM and that he had enlisted horror heavyweights Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley to co-star alongside SHARKNADO's Tara Reid and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD's Nathan Miller. In May we brought you a very impressive teaser trailer for the flick which sold me...
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Teaser trailer for Charlie's Farm starring Kane Hodder and Tara Reid

Those of you looking forward to the latest Kane Hodder-starring slasher flick will be excited to know that we have landed the first teaser trailer for writer/director Chris Sun’s Australian horror film CHARLIE’S FARM . It's a pretty impressive looking slice of indie horror from Sun as the teaser offers a gritty and mean look at the film, giving us a quick glimpse at its...
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Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley & Tara Reid take a trip to Charlie's Farm

Australian horror writer/director Chris Sun is set to create an iconic Australian horror villian with his upcoming feature CHARLIE'S FARM, and he's bringing along some of horrors heavyweights to take the trip with him. is reporting that CHARLIE'S FARM has attracted an international cast that includes SHARKNADO's Tara Reid, Bill Moseley (THE...
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