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Horror Movie Hotties: Chain Letter (2010)

I'm too broke to be superstitious, but even if I were, my paranoia would never be wasted those ridiculous chain letter emails. You know, the ones that threaten something terrible will happen to you or your family members, unless you forward the message to 10 other people? It's probably one of the top 20 worst things to ever come out of the internet, and sure enough,...
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Kill of the Day: Chain Letter (2009)

If you guys follow along here at AITH then you know that I'm a sucker for a good slasher flick. Heck who am I kidding, I'm a sucker for a bad slasher flick. I mean when it comes to slashers you have to be REALLY cheesy to lose me. Anyway where am I going with all this. Oh yeah, for today's Kill of the Day we're going to go with a slasher flick from a few years back. A little diddy...
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Horror Whores: Parasomnia (2008)

Cherilyn Wilson is pretty damn hot, right? Then why in the world isn't she in more?! I gave you all a look at the actress before in a Horror Whores and now here I am again with this smoking hottie. This time we've got a clip from PARASOMNIA where Wilson is being wiped down by some weird dude. Oh, and she's topless! That just went from boring to a must-watch, didn't it? So what are you...
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