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Rupert Wyatt set to direct dark thriller Night Film

Rupert Wyatt, who helmed the better-then-expected RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES , has been tapped to direct an adaptation of Marisha Pessl's upcoming dark thriller NIGHT FILM, which follows the story of a journalist named Scott McGrath who uncovers some unexpected details when investigating the alleged suicide of a beautiful young woman. Wyatt is reteaming with Chernin Entertainment,...
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Fox 2000 set to adapt post-apocalyptic YA novel Reboot

Two successive letters always raise red flags around here: the dreaded YA. With that said, it seems Fox 2000 is trying to REBOOT the perception with their newest zombie-tinged post-apocalypse. That's right yo, Amy Tintera's YA novel REBOOT is soon to get the big-screen treatment. Development executive turned writer Lindsay Devlin will adapt the book into a filmable script. Chernin...
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