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Cult of Chucky wraps! Coming this Halloween!

The new sequel in the CHILD'S PLAY series CULT OF CHUCKY just wrapped production up in Winnipeg and Don Mancini had this cute little tweet to share with all of us.  POST-WRAP SLUMBER PARTY with @fionadourif I never took down my Xmas tree because every day on this film felt like Xmas morning #cultofchucky — Don Mancini...
6 days ago
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Top Five Child's Play Sequels

Being that we've got another Chucky sequel coming our way soon in the Don Mancini helmed CULT OF CHUCKY, which is currently shooting, I thought what better time to celebrate all things Chucky and take a look back at the other sequels in the series. CHILD'S PLAY was the number one series that scared me as a child. It's had its up and down (which we will be going into) but overall the series...
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Jennifer Tilly wraps on Cult of Chucky plus new BTS pics

The new CHILD'S PLAY sequel CULT OF CHUCKY is currently filming up in Winnipeg, and we have been swarmed lately with behind the scenes pics courtesy of the Bride of Chucky herself, Jennifer Tilly. Jennifer Tilly joined the production a few weeks back and it seems - as of today - she has wrapped up her role as Tiffany on the new film. I know movies tend to be shot very...
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Jennifer Tilly, Fiona Dourif & Alex Vincent in new Cult of Chucky set pics

Boy, Jennifer Tilly really knows how to work her Twitter account, am I right guys? I not complaining, not by a fu*king mile, but, wow, the girl can tweet some tweets.  As we showed you yesterday , and the day before , Jennifer Tilly (aka Tiffany) has joined the ranks of the other returning Chucky adversaries up in Winnipeg for shooting on the new Don Mancini helmed...
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Happy Birthday to Leatherface & Chucky creators Tobe Hooper & Don Mancini

Happy Birthday Leatherface and Chucky!! Well... not really... but Happy Birthday to Leatherface and Chucky creators Tobe Hooper and Don Mancini ! What are the chances TWO of the horror genre's most pivitol creators were born on the same day? Crazy, right? Without January 25, we would not have been graced with the intense nightmare of TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE , or the once...
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Fiona Dourif shares first image of Chucky himself from Cult of Chucky set

CULT OF CHUCKY is in the middle of production now, is a sentence I'm supremely happy to be able to say. The seventh film in the CHILD's PLAY franchise, it will feature the return of CURSE OF CHUCKY star Fiona Dourif, who shared an image from the set today, featuring our first glimpse at the devilish doll himself. Of course, it would be more exciting if he had a head....
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First official image bleeds out from Cult of Chucky!

The seventh CHILD'S PLAY film, titled  CULT OF CHUCKY , is currently shooting in Winnipeg under the direction of franchise writer and SEED/CURSE OF CHUCKY director Don Mancini, and a brand new bloody photo has arrived, courtesy of the good folks at Bloody Disgusting . The pic depicts a pool of blood with the words "Chucky Did It" scrawled inside. By who? Who...
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Mancini and Dourif share snowy images from the set of Cult of Chucky

You can't keep a Good Guy down, as killer Good Guy doll Chucky has proven time and time again. The littlest maniac will soon be back for his seventh cinematic killing spree, as Universal has announced that they will be releasing writer/director Don Mancini's CULT OF CHUCKY on home video this fall, in time for Halloween. CULT OF CHUCKY is currently in production,...
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It's the Booze Talkin', Hollywood should give DTV sequels more respect!

It’s tough to create a successful horror franchise. Even more, it's exceedingly problematic keeping the continued sequels fresh and entertaining. You have great flicks with awesome villains yet when it comes to movies like HELLRAISER, CHILDREN OF THE CORN or THE HOWLING, the second they became straight-to-DVD, the quality diminished with each follow-up. It’s...
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Child's Play sequel Cult of Chucky begins filming next week; teaser here!

For months, CHILD'S PLAY franchise creator Don Mancini has been using social media to tease the fact that he was nearing production on a seventh installment in the series. It was clear that the killer doll Chucky would soon be returning, we've just been waiting for an official announcement. That announcement was finally made this morning through Entertainment Weekly....
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The Test of Time: Child's Play (1988)

We all have certain movies we love. Movies we respect without question because of either tradition, childhood love, or because they’ve always been classics. However, as time keeps ticking, do those classics still hold up? Do they remain must see? So…the point of this column is to determine how a film holds up for a modern horror audience, to see if it stands the Test of...
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Chucky 7 is even closer to production, teases Don Mancini

At this point, I'm beginning to feel like Don Mancini is gaslighting us. His constant Twitter teases of an upcoming  CHUCKY 7 are getting more and more frequent, although there still hasn't been an official announcement. But the newest development is a  big  one. On Twitter today, Mancini, who wrote all the CHILD'S PLAY flicks and directed SEED OF...
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