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The Stranger (Movie Review)

PLOT: When an enigmatic man suddenly shows up in a small coastal Canadian town looking for his wife, a young boy and his mother become embroiled in a web of supernatural violence. REVIEW: With a collaborative blessing from onetime horror heavyweight Eli Roth, Uruguayan writer/director Guillermo Amoedo finally follows up his 2010 first feature RETORNO with his English language...
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Unwrap the bloody bandages of The Stranger in new clip

In theaters and on iTunes this Friday is THE STRANGER , the new thriller from producer Eli Roth and director Guillermo Almoeda. As such, only a few hours after a new web-spot dropped, Apple has debuted a fresh clip from the flick. You know the deal, find that sucker underneath! Starring Lorenza Izzo, Ariel Levy, Aaron Burns, and Cristobal Tapia Montt - THE STRANGER finds:...
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Shoreline nabs first Latin American horror flick in Chilean chiller Yokai

Making history today is Shoreline Entertainment, as they've just picked up rights to their very first Latin American genre film... According to Variety, Shoreline has just nabbed YOKAI , a Chilean horror flick from first time writer/director Cristobal Echevensko. The acquisition is a marked decision by Shoreline to continue a thriving interest in global genre cinema....
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Get spooked by the trailer for Chilean horror film Whispers of the Forest

The Chilean horror pic WHISPERS OF THE FOREST is headed to cinemas in 2014, and to get you prepped for this spooky "lost in the woods" ditty, we've got a trailer to share. The film comes from director Jorge Olguín (ETERNTAL BLOOD) and stars Fernanda Urrejola, Paulo Brunetti, Felipe Contreras, Tiago Correa and Carolina Arredondo. The story revolves around a pair of Chilean women hired...
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Review: Aftershock (directed by Nicholas Lopez)

YOU CAN ALSO READ ERIC W'S TAKE ON THE FILM HERE PLOT: When a massive Chilean earthquake traps a throng of tourists in an underground nightclub, a harrowing nightmare of chaos, extreme violence and ultimate survival ensues. REVIEW: Earthquakes are f*cking terrifying. As a native Californian, I can attest, particularly having lived through the infamous rumble of '89 (my...
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Dig up the official trailer for the Eli Roth produced horror Aftershock

The last time we heard a rumble from Eli Roth's AFTERSHOCK , our man C.Bum was bestowing the flick with a mediocre 6 out of 10 rating out from TIFF. Been a bit of a wait, but now, thanks to IGN, we finally have some live flickers to share with you. Cop a peek at the trailer below and let us know what you think. Directed by Nicholas Lopez: Chile has it all: gorgeous landscapes,...
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Chilean horror flick Hidden in the Woods scooped for 2013 U.S. release

Well well, here's a pleasant surprise. After learning this past summer of Michael Biehn and wifey Jennifer Blanc's plans to remake Chilean horror film HIDDEN IN THE WOODS , Artsploitation Films has scooped up the original with plans for a 2013 U.S. release. How about that! Starring Siboney Lo (below), Serge Francois, Carolina Escobar, Jose Hernandez, Daniel Antivilo, Domingo...
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