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Lies and revelations in the latest Ghost in the Shell trailer

I knew the title " GHOST IN THE SHELL " before it was announced that Rupert Sanders would be directing a live action adaptation of the Japanese manga, but the title is all I knew about this property. Now that trailers and TV spots are being released for Sanders' take on GHOST IN THE SHELL in the build-up to the film's March 31 st release, I'm learning about...
7 days ago
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Watch the Ghost in the Shell Super Bowl spot before the game

Super Bowl LI is still a few days away, but the Super Bowl spot for director Rupert Sanders' live action adaptation of the GHOST IN THE SHELL manga has already made its way online and can be viewed below. Written by Jonathan Herman and Jamie Moss, GHOST IN THE SHELL stars Scarlett Johannson as Major, a special ops, one-of-a-kind human-cyborg hybrid, who leads the...
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Ghost in the Shell director says it's not Hollywood sh*t; new Johansson pic

The anime adaptation  GHOST IN THE SHELL is hitting American theaters soon, and director Rupert Sanders sat down with Empire to discuss how this film won't be like any other cross-country remake. He assured readers that the film is  "a ride that's not just explosive and exciting, but also curious and reflective," reasserting that it won't be...
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The opening sequence of Ghost in the Shell is quietly epic

The anime adaptation GHOST IN THE SHELL has had an avalanche of material drop this weekend, including its first official trailer, but we're already getting a deeper look into the film, which was directed by Rupert Sanders. A clip has dropped, detailing the opening sequence of the film, an homage to the original anime. Featuring a bombastic score by Kenji Kawai,...
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Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson, gets a trailer

Director Rupert Sanders' live action adaptation of the manga  GHOST IN THE SHELL has already caught some early bashing from fans who don't think a new take on the material is necessary and those who disagree with the casting of Scarlett Johansson in the lead role. Whether the film will turn out to be good or bad remains to be seen, but now we have a couple minutes of...
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This featurette is packed with new Ghost in the Shell footage

We're still waiting on the new trailer for Rupert Sanders'  GHOST IN THE SHELL , which is set to arrive this weekend, but in the meantime we've nabbed a brand new featurette showcasing a great deal of new footage from the anime adaptation. Depicting the results of a set visit by anime director Mamoru Oshii, it's an exciting glimpse at the process of bringing a...
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Scarlett Johansson bursts forth from the teaser for Ghost in the Shell

So far, Rupert Sanders' live-action anime adaptation  GHOST IN THE SHELL has only been teased in the briefest of glimpses online. That hasn't changed today, but the new 13-second teaser for the flick promises a full length trailer this weekend, on Sunday, November 13th. And you'd be surprised what they get up to in such a short time, showing off Scarlett Johansson in...
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Clips tease Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson

Having no familiarity with the manga GHOST IN THE SHELL , I have to admit that I have absolutely no idea what's going on in the teaser footage for director Rupert Sanders' live action adaptation. As you can see below, the teaser clips are very short, adding up to a total of just 55 seconds, and show brief glimpses of characters and intriguing imagery taken out of context. I...
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Live action Ghost in the Shell adds Rila Fukushima

If a character was first introduced through art on a paneled page, the odds that Japanese actress Rila Fukushima might end up playing them is increasing. You might know Fukushima from her role as Yukio in the cinematic comic book adaptation THE WOLVERINE, or from her fifteen episode appearance as Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana on the comic book adaptation TV show Arrow. Now she has...
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Pedro Pascal, James LeGros & Chin Han Join NBC's The Sixth Gun

Deadline is reporting that Pedro Pascal ("The Good Wife"), PHANTASM II 's James LeGros and Chin Han ( THE DARK KNIGHT ) have been cast in NBC‘s Carlton Cuse-produced pilot THE SIXTH GUN, joining the previously announced Laura Ramsey for the adaptation of the popular supernatural graphic novel. Written by Ryan Condal based on the comic, directed by Jeffrey Reiner and produced...
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