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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter scores $94+ mil opening weekend in China

If we have learned anything from all of our years as horror fans it's that, when a flick claims to be "The Final Chapter", we can all but assume that particular flick is, for lack of a better term, "full of complete and utter horsesh*t." Case in point, it's not going to be surprising (at all) when the eventual 7th installment in the RESIDENT EVIL film...
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World War Z changed to avoid offending China?

China is fast becoming the biggest international market for movies; in 2012, China passed Japan as the largest international source of box office revenue, contributing $2.7 billion. This makes it a territory Hollywood is eager to please (see: Marvel's recent changes to IRON MAN 3 for the country); more importantly, a territory Hollywood doesn't want to offend. The Wrap is...
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