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Producers Kurtzman and Morgan depart Universal's Dark Universe

In the summer of 2014, Universal hired Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan to head up their endeavor to craft a new cinematic universe around their classic monster movie properties - a universe that eventually became known as the Dark Universe. Kurtzman and Morgan were to oversee the development of the monster reboots and serve as producers on the films. Three years of work resulted in the...
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The Phantom and the Hunchback will also inhabit Universal's Dark Universe

When you hear that Universal is rebooting their classic monster properties for an endeavor they're calling Dark Universe, a series of movies that will be connected in some way and feature iconic monsters and madmen crossing paths, there are certain characters you know have to be involved. Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, the Wolf Man, the Mummy - you know, the big ones. Then...
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It's not clear which Universal Monsters reboot will follow The Mummy

As Marvel builds their Cinematic Universe of connected superhero stories, they tend to announce every film in a "phase" years ahead of time, and very rarely are changes made to that announced line-up. They have a clear plan and they're sticking to it, for the most part. Universal is taking a more loose approach to the building of their Universal Monsters Cinematic...
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Screenwriter says The Legend of Conan is dead, Schwarzenegger disagrees

News has been quiet regarding the third Conan film THE LEGEND OF CONAN ever since we brought you the news screenwriter Chris Morgan said the film would be "a worthy sequel" back in August. Well, today we have some further news as Morgan recently stopped by EW to discuss his new film THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS and the conversation eventually turned towards updates on THE...
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Is Tom Cruise our mummy?

UPDATE: According to Deadline , Tom Cruise is not currently in negotiations for THE MUMMY due to his commitments to JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 6. Clearly he loves franchises, but just not the Universal monsters. Universal's plan to reboot their classic monsters isn't exactly coming hot out of the gate. I, FRANKENSTEIN flopped like a...
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Fox to get Haunted by new Chris Morgan series

Chris Morgan's career is all about fast cars. However, after having written five of the FAST AND FURIOUS films and executive produced the most recent two, it seems he wants a bit of a change of pace. He's already dipped a toe into the horror genre by producing and writing the story for THE VATICAN TAPES , but he's continuing his venture into shock entertainment on...
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Universal details plans for their Classic Monsters

There's an interesting article over at Variety explaining the game plan for Universal's "Classic Monsters" reboots. As you're well aware, the studio is in the process of bringing all of their famous villains back to the big screen - Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, The Mummy, The Wolf Man, etc. - with Chris Morgan (FAST & FURIOUS) and Alex Kurtzman (TRANSFORMERS, STAR TREK) heading up the...
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Jon Spaihts and Eric Heisserer are writing the Van Helsing reboot

Development on the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe, which is being overseen by "narrative architects" Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan, is coming along a bit more slowly than I would have expected, which may be a good thing. The fact that they did some post-production tweaks on a movie that hadn't been intended to be part of the universe ( DRACULA UNTOLD ) to turn it...
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Alex Kurtzman assures that the new Universal Monsters movies are horror

We still have more than a year to wait until entries in Universal's Marvel-inspired attempt to create a cinematic universe with reboots of their classic monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Creature from the Black Lagoon) start hitting theatres, but development of this universe is in full swing. Entrusted by Universal to oversee the universe building are...
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Legend of Conan will be a brutal direct sequel to Conan the Barbarian

As we wait patiently for TERMINATOR: GENISYS to come out and either enthrall or disappoint us, many fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger are already looking forward to his next major reboot: CONAN! As we've been hearing for years now, Arnold intends to wield the sword once more in LEGEND OF CONAN , which is currently being worked on by FAST & FURIOUS producer Chris Morgan and writers Andrea...
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Writer Jay Basu tapped for Universal's classic monsters relaunch

To be honest, I lost a lot of interest in Universal's classic monsters relaunch when we learned that the films would be taken out of the horror genre . Who could blame me? These are the monster films we either grew up loving or inspired the films that we consider our favorites. To hear that Universal wants to take these iconic characters into a more action-oriented direction is...
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Universal's classic monsters universe takes shape; writers confirmed

Universal's cinematic movie monsters universe has gained some new writers in an attempt to create a new brain trust in which they will all will have a hand in each other's movies and offer help as needed as they work on a model of serialized storytelling, according to THR. Yesterday we learned that PRISONERS scribe Aaron Guzikowski was rumored to be taking the writing...
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