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Tara Reid, Mischa Barton, and Dee Wallace inhabit Ouija House

Filming has just wrapped on director Ben Demaree's OUIJA HOUSE , an ITN Distribution and Millman Productions co-production, and to mark the occasion a handful of images from the film have been released online. Scripted by Justin Hawkins and Jeff Miller, the film stars Tara Reid, Mischa Barton, Dee Wallace, Carly Schroeder, Chris Mulkey, Mark Grossman, Grace Demarco, and...
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Film noir and voodoo collide in D.O.A. Blood River

In 1950, Edmond O'Brien starred in director Rudolph Maté's film D.O.A. as a small-town accountant who gets dosed with a slow-acting poison while visiting San Francisco and spends the week he has left to live trying to solve his own murder. D.O.A. has been remade a couple times over the years (in 1969 as COLOR ME DEAD, in 1988 with Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan in the lead...
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Face-Off: Ghost in the Machine Vs. FeardotCom

We had a pretty even amount of supporters for the two films in our last Face-Off . While some agreed that the entertainment value was high with the winner, Teeth, many still were proud of Ellen Page's strong performance that anchored Hard Candy. This basically proves my theory that both flicks are very well-made additions to our beloved genre. For today's Face-Off, we are taking a cue...
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