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Trailer: Found Footage 3D is the meta flick you've been waiting for

Found footage is climbing back up to the top! The much-maligned horror subgenre has received a shot in the arm thanks to the buzz around Adam Wingard's BLAIR WITCH , but the next step back up the ladder is Steven DeGennaro's  FOUND FOOTAGE 3D . A found footage movie about making a found footage movie, FF3D looks like a simultaneous takedown of the excesses of...
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Poster & synopsis for new indie horror joint You Are Not Alone

Got a sleek new horror joint for you to get acquainted with, one that goes by the title YOU ARE NOT ALONE . For the flick, from director and co-writer Derek Mungor, we have a synopsis and high-res one-sheet, both of which you can check out below. Co-written with Mungor by Chris O'Brien: YOU ARE NOT ALONE' is a motion picture with two very different stories. At the forefront,...
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