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Review: Lucky Bastard (directed by Robert Nathan)

PLOT: When producers of the amateur porn site "Lucky Bastard" hire an unsuspecting fan to have sex with one of their most popular stars, the video shoot results in a brutally violent set of circumstances. REVIEW: Outside a quick IMDB scan immediately before the screening, I'd heard very little about Robert Nathan's LUCKY BASTARD going in. I was, however, relieved to learn Nathan...
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Porn and revenge collide in found footage thriller Lucky Bastard

And we have another found footage flick for ya, this one set in the wild world of the porn industry. Yeah, I know what you may be thinking: you've made a few skin flicks yourself with your own camera, so what sets this one apart? Well for starters, this one comes to us from director Robert Nathan, who worked as a producer on the hit television shows LAW & ORDER and DRAGNET, and is...
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