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EFM tries to find out Where the Devil Hides

It was only a couple of days ago when we got our hands on a new poster for Christian E. Christiansen's WHERE THE DEVIL HIDES where we learned that the film was being shopped around at EFM in Berlin. Today we've got some good news for the supernatural thriller as it appears to be one step closer to actually seeing the light of day. About damn time! Edward Noeltner’s...

Sinful art for Where the Devil Hides, starring Jennifer Carpenter

It's a good thing we haven't been holding our breath for WHERE THE DEVIL HIDES because it has certainly been taking its sweet as time to find a release. If you remember, the film was originally slated for an October 11th, 2013 release, but somewhere down the line it got lost in the shuffle. Could 2014 be the year we finally get to see the Jennifer Carpenter-starring WHERE THE...

Hi-res teaser poster for Where the Devil Hides

Christian E. Christiansen's latest flick went through a few name changes before finally landing on WHERE THE DEVIL HIDES and now it's got an all new hi-res teaser poster for us to stare at. Earlier in the week we hit you guys with a bootleg version of the poster so if you dug it then, you're really going to like it this time around. Something very strange happened in the small...

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