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Vigilante Diaries (Movie Review)

PLOT : A man known as The Vigilante beats and blasts his way through multiple action-packed scenarios. REVIEW : VIGILANTE DIARIES started off as a web series on the now-defunct Two episodes were shot, with several more scripted and a total of ten planned. The outcome was a "bad news, good news" situation. The bad news is that the web series didn't continue beyond those...
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Get a glimpse at the action of Vigilante Diaries in this Exclusive Clip

The high octane action/comedy adventure film VIGILANTE DIARIES , based on the Chill web series, will be released into select theatres and on iTunes next Friday, June 24 th. Today, we have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP that provides a taste of what will be available for viewers to check out next week, an excerpt from a shootout sequence that shows just how the action blends with the comedy....
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Exclusive Interview: I Am Wrath and Vigilante Diaries star Paul Sloan!

They don't make 'em like PAUL SLOAN very much anymore. In a way, he's a man out of time, the kind of action star you saw plenty of in the 80s and 90s but has since become nearly extinct. Still, Sloan is carving out a name for himself in the genre, and that's because he's making his own luck. Serving as writer as well as performer, Sloan has established himself in the...
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The Vigilante Diaries movie hits this summer

VIGILANTE DIARIES , the action-comedy flick based on the 2013 web series of the same name, will be heating up this summer. Hitting select theaters and iTunes on  June 24th  and Blu-Ray/DVD on  July 5th , the film stars Paul Sloan (I AM WRATH, THE NIGHT CREW) as The Vigilante, pictured above. Check out the trailer below! Vigilante Diaries...
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The Night Crew (Movie Review)

PRE-ORDER THE NIGHT CREW HERE PLOT: A grizzled band of bounty hunters are tasked with tracking down and capturing an oddly enigmatic vixen named Mae (Chasty Ballesteros). Problem is, the sexy vamp is also being pursued by a ruthless gaggle of border runners working for a monstrous drug kingpin (Danny Trejo). Let it motherf*cking rain! REVIEW: It's been a busy couple...
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Trailer for Christian Sesma's The Nightcrew, starring Luke Goss, Danny Trejo

We've been hearing about Christian Sesma's THE NIGHTCREW since 2010, when we first brought you a teaser one-sheet for the action thriller. Back in January of last year we learned that the film had finally begun principal photography with one hell of a badass cast attached: Luke Goss, Danny Trejo, Bokeem Woodbine, and Jason Mewes, to name a handful. Now the film is scheduled...
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Sci-fi thriller Lost Time gets a trailer, starring Luke Goss

What's great about the sci-fi genre is that there are no limits; it can be funny, dramatic, out-of-this-world insane and most importantly, downright terrifying. Christian Sesma’s new sci-fi offering LOST TIME looks like some crazy shit you would see out of an X-Files episode as the story starts with a strange encounter on a lonely road when a woman's car is engulfed by a...
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Principal photography begins on Danny Trejo, Luke Goss-starring The Night Crew

It seems that we've been awaiting word on Christian Sesma's long-awaited THE NIGHT CREW for years as it was almost 4 years ago when we first brought you a teaser one-sheet for the Sesma and Paul Sloan-penned feature but it seems the wait will have been worth it as principal photography on the flick has started in Palm Springs, California and we've got the goods on who will...
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Exclusive Clip: Blood flows in Vigilante Diaries! Plus red-band trailer & more!

We have an EXCLUSIVE CLIP from CHRISTIAN SESMA's violent and video game/Punisher-esque inspired Internet series VIGILANTE DIARIES (now airing on CHILL.COM ) which stars JASON MEWES, JESSICA UBERUAGA and the great PAUL SLOAN (who also wrote the first two episodes). Check out the wam-bam clip below and scroll down further to clock the RED BAND TRAILER and a MUSIC VIDEO...
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New still & concept art for sci-fi thriller Lost Time, starring Derek Mears & Luke Goss

Late last week we previewed a sci-fi thriller called LOST TIME , which is set to star genre mainstays Derek Mears, Luke Goss, Lin Shaye and Robert Davi. Well, thanks to the filmmaker himself, Christian Sesma, we have a new still, concept art and a promo poster for the flick currently in post. Scroll up and down for a peek! With Maria Olsen, Jenni Blong, Chelsea Ricketts and Vyto...
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Derek Mears, Lin Shaye & Luke Goss star in sci-fi thriller Lost Time?

Bear with this explanation folks. On this awfully slow news Friday, I dove headlong into the Film Catalogue in search from some new genre joints to write about. In so doing, I stumbled upon a flick called THE NIGHT CREW, which sounded familiar. Turns out we wrote about this shite back in February of 2011. When rereading said article, I got a laugh out of a Twitter update...
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