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Sizzle reel for The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, starring Christina Ricci

Back in November we learned that "Veronica Mars" alumna Jessy Schram and Jonathan Banks ("Breaking Bad") had joined the cast of Lifetime’s six-episode limited series "The Lizzie Borden Chronicles", which follows-up the tale of Borden (Christina Ricci) from Lifetime's "Lizzie Borden Took an Ax". Also returning for the series is the...
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The Lizzy Borden Chronicles, starring Christina Ricci, begins casting

After the success of the Christina Ricci-starring LIZZIE BORDEN TOOK AN AX earlier this year, Lifetime greenlit a new 6-hour miniseries titled "The Lizzie Borden Chronicles" (formerly "Lizzie Borden: The Fall Rivers Chronicles") that will find Ricci reprising her role as the murder suspect Borden, and now the series has begun to cast up. Deadline is sharing...
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Christina Ricci returns for Lizzie Borden: The Fall River Chronicles

You guys, people really got a kick out of watching Christina Ricci go axe-happy on her parents as the titular character Lizzie Borden. More specifically, women were apparently really into that shit as it ranks as Lifetime's second-most-watched movie telecast among women, second only to FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. That’s impressive... and kind of scary. THR reports that the...
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Sleepy Hollow- Horror Movie Review- (Day 17 of 31)- October Massacre

PLOT: Timid investigator Ichabod Crane is banished to a small village in upstate New York to look into a series of bizarre, gruesome decapitations. What he finds is that certain members of the community have been targeted by a frightful creature known as "The Headless Horseman," and it won't stop until all of them have been on the chopping block. READ ALL OF...
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Lizzie Borden Took an Ax will bury the hatchet on DVD April 8

I get it. You don't watch Lifetime. Hey, I completely understand. It seems the majority of programs on that particular network have no appeal to a horror-hound such as yourself. And yet last month Lifetime delivered something that you might've dug with the Christina Ricci-starring LIZZIE BORDEN TOOK AN AX (hey, I'd peep it for Ms. Ricci alone!). So if you couldn't bring...
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Lizzie Borden Took An Ax swings home on DVD this April

And just like that, before Lizzie Borden's axe could even hit the ground it's already gearing up for a release on DVD this coming April! Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release LIZZIE BORDEN TOOK AN AX , a film based on the true crime case that shocked a nation, on DVD and digital outlets on April 8th. That's some pretty good news for the folks who didn't get the...
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Christina Ricci is deadly in this new trailer for Lizzie Borden Took an Ax

Lifetime's new biopic about the infamous Lizzie Borden has just released a new trailer, and to our surprise it features a decent amount of the red stuff. I guess when there's a movie about an axe murdering she-bitch, blood and all that other good stuff should be expected! LIZZIE BORDEN TOOK AN AX will premiere on January 25, 2014, at 8pm ET/PT. The nursery rhyme "Lizzie...
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First trailer for Lizzie Borden Took An Ax swings in

Lifetime's original horror movie LIZZIE BORDEN TOOK AN AX , starring Christina Ricci, has gotten its very first trailer and it really doesn't look half bad. It's nice to see Ricci back in the horror genre, especially when she's swinging away that bloody axe of hers! The nursery rhyme "Lizzie Borden took an ax...and gave her mother forty whacks...when she saw...
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Christina Ricci will bury the hatchet in Lizzie Borden Took An Ax

Somehow a little made-for-TV horror film by the name of LIZZIE BORDEN TOOK AN AX has managed to sneak past us—I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's being made for Lifetime who have the tendency to dish out a shit load of movies without anyone noticing. LIZZIE BORDEN TOOK AN AX will star Christina Ricci, and we've got a look at her below in the...
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Kill of the Day: Cursed (2005)

There's a lot to be said about Wes Craven's CURSED - and it's all bad. Now I wouldn't go as far to say I "liked" the flick but I'd go as far to say I was entertained. Thankfully Wes Craven has pretty much earned a pass by now and he used it up with CURSED. With that being said, enjoy today's Kill of the Day where music star Mya gets chased down by a werewolf! Cursed (2005)...
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