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Christophe Gans takes the story of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to China

Although there have been TV movies and animated films based on Jules Verne's 1870 novel 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA over the decades, the last "event film" version of it came from Disney way back in 1954. Now we have three dueling 20,000 LEAGUES adaptations in the works. Disney has been trying to get a remake off the ground for years, the project passing through the...
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Kill of the Day: Silent Hill (2006)

Well SILENT HILL: REVELATION came and went without so much as a whimper. Who didn't see that coming, right? So for today's Kill of the Day we're going back to basics with a scene from Christophe Gans' SILENT HILL. In this awesome clip we've got this dumb crazy b*tch finally getting what she deserves - strung up and ripped in two! Pretty vicious stuff. Then the twisted little girl dances...
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