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Take a minute to check out the Minutes to Midnight trailer

New Year's Eve is a relatively unexplored horror holiday, at least when compared to the dozens of Christmas horror stocking stuffers, but that's about to change. Christopher Ray's upcoming slasher  MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT follows in the tradition of flicks like NEW YEAR'S EVIL and TERROR TRAIN by turning the end of the year into a countdown of carnage. In...
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Minutes to Midnight poster will keep you up past your dead time

Post-production has been completed on MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT , the latest from prolific filmmaker Christopher Ray (son of prolific filmmaker Fred Olen Ray), and while a release date for the movie has not yet been set, the first official poster has arrived to tide us over until then. Directed by Ray from a screenplay by Christopher M. Don and Victoria Dadi, MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT tells...
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Terror moves in with A House is Not a Home trailer

Haunted house flicks are a dime a dozen nowadays but that doesn't stop filmmakers from trying their hand at delivering something fresh and original in the over-saturated genre. Director Christopher Ray (son of the legendary Fred Olen Ray) takes a stab at bringing terror beyond the threshold with a new flick entitled A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME , and what do ya know? We gotta nice little trailer...
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