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Hear from Chucky's stunt man in this Scream Factory special feature!

When you hear that Scream Factory has picked up a title for a Collector's Edition, you know you're in store for hours of bonus content that will crack open your mind and stuff it full of knowledge. For this reason, I was excited to see that they were putting out  CHILD'S PLAY , which will be available on  October 18th .  CHILD'S PLAY is one of my...
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Don Mancini is storyboarding Chucky 7

Back in July , I reported the latest rumors that were fluttering around Twitter on  CHUCKY 7 , but what you might not know is that CURSE OF CHUCKY star Fiona Dourif herself actually responded to the article. Here's that Tweet, from back in July: What if I can't stop though? Because we ARE so excited. And it IS coming... — Fiona...
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Necessary Evil: A Horror Movie Version of Suicide Squad

Welcome back, friends! I hope you're prepared for another round of horror that has to happen! Also hope you took the time to check out our last Necessary Evil in complete darkness ! Suicide Squad finally releases this Friday and we can all see what happens when the baddest of the bad in the superhero world fight for good. I've always thought that was a pretty...
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Chucky 7 rumors are resurrected on Twitter

In what has become a kind of bi-annual tradition, rumors of CHUCKY 7 have been flittering across Twitter once more. This time, they come in the form of CURSE OF CHUCKY star (and daughter of Chucky himself) Fiona Dourif, who tweeted this picture of SEED/CURSE writer-director Don Mancini, who has been the series screenwriter since day one: Hey @RealDonMancini ARE YOU...
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Special features announced for Scream Factory's Child's Play Blu-Ray

It's been a real solid summer for Scream Factory Collector's Editions and their upcoming Blu-Ray release of CHILD'S PLAY is no different. Their newest Blu will arrive on  October 18th  jam-packed with special features you'll just love to take off the shelf and play with. Here's the full list: NEW 2K scan of the interpositive NEW Audio...
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Cool Horror Gear: Bride of Chucky's Tiffany gets her own talking doll!

Mezco Toyz had previously announced a 15" BRIDE OF CHUCKY Chucky doll , being released this summer, and now they're giving the pint-sized killer his lady love. The company has announced a mega scale Tiffany doll, which walks, talks and slaughters! Okay, maybe only one of those things; I'll let you guess which. Per Mezco's site: "Tiffany is perfectly screen-matched from her...
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Chucky 7 rumors flitter across Twitter

The CHILD'S PLAY series is pretty generally considered to be a B-slasher franchise when compared to the sprawling opuses of Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers. To be fair, they never really hit the crazy heights of quality that the Wes Craven/John Carpenter-led properties did. However, as silly as the movies got, even at their worst, they were pretty damn...
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Cyber Monday Deals on movies, books and toys!

And we're back! Only three days after the craziness of Black Friday , Cyber Monday is here to wage war on your bank accounts! Below you'll find some sweet deals on toys, books and Blu-rays/DVDs. As I mentioned on Friday, ordering these items through our specific links helps us keep the site running, so if any should catch your eye, we very much appreciate your helping us out!...
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Top 10 Horror Movie Gifts!

It seems Christmas comes early in August for us heated horror heads, as Joel Edgerton's critically beloved new thriller THE GIFT is set to open today. You planning on unwrapping that sucker this weekend or what? Well, whether you are or are not, we're feeling pretty damn charitable right about now. As such, we thought it'd be all kinds of fun to deliver 10 terrifying movie gifts from the past...
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RIP Chucky and Crypt Keeper puppeteer Brock Winkless

  The make-up effects community has lost a beloved name in the field. N. Brock Winkless IV (often known as Brock Winkless) died July 18th in Los Angeles due to complications from a debilitating neurological condition. He was 56. While Winkless may not be a household name, you've certainly seen his work. He was a Chucky puppeteer on CHILD'S PLAY 1-3 and BRIDE OF CHUCKY; helped the...
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Cool Horror Gear: Mezco's talking Chucky figure

Everyone’s favorite killer Good Guy doll has been resurrected thanks to Mezco, who will release a new mega scale Chucky doll later this year! How do you make a 15-inch tall homicidal doll containing the soul of a serial killer even more terrifying? Make it talk! The star of five CHILD’S PLAY films, Mezco’s Chucky stands 15" tall and features real cloth Good...
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New Child's Play sequel still in the works according to Don Mancini

You know it's "never say die" when it comes to the Chuck! A new CHUCKY movie may very well be on the way. This intel has been delivered by none other than series creator Don Mancini who, in a response to a Twitter follower's inquiry into the status of the next Chucky flick, replied that he's still toiling away on another sequel: Welcome to Twitter @chuckylivesnet ! I am...
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