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Is there anyone home in this clip from CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles?

With CLONED: THE RECREATOR CHRONICLES getting its DVD and VOD release tomorrow, April 23rd, we thought it was only appropriate to show you guys a clip from the film. The film stars Stella Maeve, Alexander Nifong, Jamal Mallory-McCree, John de Lancie, and Laura Moss and is directed by Gregory Orr. This is the first chapter in a planned sci-fi franchise about identity and the threat of...
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New CLONED: The Recreator Chronicles trailer rolls in

While CLONED: THE RECREATOR CHRONICLES is getting ready for its premiere on VOD in April they've released an all new trailer that you guys can give a look-see below. As the opening chapter in a sci-fi franchise about identity and the threat of replacement, CLONED is a film rooted in science-fiction realism and psychological terror that merges the anxious paranoia of INVASION OF THE...
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Cloned: The Recreator Chronicles goes VOD in April

Rooted in science-fiction realism and psychological terror, CLONED: THE RECREATOR CHRONICLES — formerly known as RECREATOR — is anticipating its VOD release on April 23rd. Directed by Gregory Orr this cool looking sci-fi flick sets up three teens against their own clones in the middle of the woods. While on a camping trip, Tracy, Craig, and Derek (Stella Maeve, Alexander...
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