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First Look: Lauren Ashley Carter in killer clown flick Gags

If it wasn't somehow obvious at this point, I am a huge horror fan. One thing I love in particular about the genre as of late is the inclusion of neo-scream queen Lauren Ashley Carter in seemingly every other flick. Not complaining. Just saying the actress has been in a bunch of flicks the last few years including  DARLING , JUG FACE, THE MIND'S EYE , POD,...
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Are You Afraid of the Dark tribute film hits this Halloween

I am a big fan of the old school Nickelodeon kid-horror series ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? . Like, a super fan. I own every episode on DVD courtesy of a bootleg collection my girlfriend at the time gave me back in my early twenties. If you haven't seen the series, I suggest you check out an episode called Laughing in the Dark . It involves a clown. And it is genuinely terrifying....
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Bill Moseley is a child-eating killer clown in the NSFW trailer for Crepitus

"Your kid is a burden, your kid is a pest. Your kid I will kill and consume like the rest." Brr. That's some freaky sh*t right there, Bill Moseley. For real. If that quote, pulled straight from the official red-band NSFW trailer for CREPITUS isn't enough to give you coulrophobia (fear of f*cking scary-ass clowns) then it is sure to give you Moselophobia (fear...
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Necessary Evil: Creepy Clowns!

Hello, my horror hombres! With the Halloween season now in full effect, I hope you enjoyed our last Necessary Evil that suggested a movie based on John Carpenter's remarks on Rob Zombie. For today, we've got another idea based on news stories that have been coming out across the country. I'm talking about all those Creepy Clown Sightings ! I HATE clowns and the...
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You can own Eli Roth's Clown on DVD/Blu-Ray this August

Eli Roth's CLOWN , directed by Jon Watts, went the path of pretty much all Roth movies these days, taking what feels like a million years to squeeze into American distribution. But it's finally on its way to us for good! The Blu-Ray and DVD release of the film is scheduled for  August 23rd , and once it hits, there's nothing that can stop you from getting a copy. The...
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Top 10 Creepy Movie Clowns!

Clowns. What the hell is it about clowns that are so damn scary? Is it the pale makeup? The rosy cheeks? The interminable grin? The big red nose? The humongous shoes? Or really, is it the notion of corrupted innocence...the eroded trust of a childhood entertainer gone horribly awry? Well, where ever the deep seeded fear derives from, horror movies have capitalized on such a phobia by turning...
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Clown (Movie Review)

PLOT: After donning an old clown costume for his child's birthday celebration, Kent McCoy comes to the horrific realization he now cannot take it off. Worse, he's becoming one with it and taking on a decidedly monstrous personality chance. REVIEW: After seeing CLOWN, it's a tad chilling to think director Jon Watts is currently helming SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, because this flick -...
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Exclusive: Eli Roth Talks Clown and the Genre and Superhero Connection!

In the latest Eli Roth produced thriller CLOWN , a kindly father makes the mistake of putting on a clown suit that is more than it seems. Not only will the suit not come off, the man finds that he develops horrific habits that he tries desperately to resist. This dark feature is directed by Jon Watts (SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING) and it's a vicious little flick. With a solid...
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Andy Powers gets the nosebleed of a lifetime in this clip from Clown

Just like Tim Allen in THE SANTA CLAUSE before him, CLOWN 's Andy Powers is going to learn that sometimes, when a body changes, it just don't want to change back. In this new clip from the Eli Roth-produced horror flick, an impromptu clown nose-ectomy goes... well, it doesn't go  right . Check it out below! It’s Jack’s 10th birthday, but the clown...
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A kids' playhouse becomes a house of evil in this clip from Eli Roth's Clown

Now that the Eli Roth-produced CLOWN (directed by Jon Watts) is finally hitting the States, we're actually getting a look at the first full clip from the film! In this minute-long chunk of terror, a kids' playground becomes a charnel house when a bloody clown attacks in the suspended tunnels. It's claustrophobic, colorful, and actually a little scary, which I...
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Eli Roth's Clown has a very unhappy birthday in this new trailer

CLOWN , the werewolf-esque story from producer Eli Roth is finally coming to the U.S. after what feels like a decade. In anticipation, this new trailer shows off the bonkers mythology behind the titular entity. The film seems to be taking its concept a little more seriously than I'd hope, but those effects are some solid stuff. It's like THE SANTA CLAUSE went to hell and came...
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Top 10 Genre Joints To See This Summer!

Say what now...summertime already?! But it is folks, it is. So strange, but it seems the cinematic slate of summer blockbusters comes earlier and earlier every year much so that instead of June-September, the unofficial movie summer-slam occurs from about May-August. And the front-end kicks off in a like a week! You already know what that means, right? Right, we're previewing the...
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