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This lurid poster begs for you to Let Her Out

Cody Calahan, the director behind the viral thriller ANTISOCIAL , is back in the saddle once more with  LET HER OUT , which is moving in a "different and far more terrifying direction." The movie has landed an unspeakably awesome poster, which combines glorious 80's neon colors with a sexy, disgusting bit of body horror. It's an elegant design that makes me very...
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Awesome poster for Chad Archibald's The Drownsman

'Twas back around Halloweentime when we first wrote about THE DROWNSMAN , a supernatural chiller inspired by the Wes Craven and Clive Barker flicks of yesteryear. (I think we can all agree that more of those are sorely needed nowadays.) Today, a splendid new poster has emerged from the depths via the film's official Facebook page, and holy cow is it a beauty. I'll see the movie...
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Killer virus thriller Antisocial infects DVD later this month

Breaking Glass Pictures, Monster Pictures and Vicious Circle Films have announced the January 28th DVD release of ANTISOCIAL . The feature length debut of director Cody Calahan, which has been scaring up impressive reviews on the international festival circuit, Antisocial sees a New Year celebration between a small group of friends turn into a vicious fight for survival when a...
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Get an eyeful of this latest one-sheet for Antisocial

It was way back in July when we shared the first poster for Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald's upcoming ANTISOCIAL with you, which we followed up later with the first virus-fueled trailer which you can peep HERE . Now a new one-sheet for the Canadian horror production has surfaced and you can get an eyeful of it below. Five university friends gather at a house party to...
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The Drownsman will give you another reason to fear the water

We've been keeping a close eye on ANTISOCIAL, the social-media-saavy horror film from director Cody Calahan and producer Chad Archibald that premiered at Fantasia earlier this year. But there's no rest for the wicked as Twitch is reporting that Calahan and Archibald are already in production of their next feature, THE DROWNSMAN, and it sounds like the duo have come up with a...
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Virus fueled trailer for Antisocial arrives

The social-media-savvy horror film ANTISOCIAL has just premiered its first trailer thanks to the folks over at Twitch, and it looks like a pretty intense little ride. So far the early reviews are pretty middle of the road but based on this vicious trailer, it looks like something definitely worth giving a shot. Check out the trailer below! Five university friends gather at a...
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Blood soaked first poster for Antisocial

Upcoming Canadian horror flick ANTISOCIAL is gearing up for its World Premiere at Fantasia on July 31st and has just revealed its first blood soaked poster with the tagline, "this is no ordinary virus" . The poster is cool as hell, I think you guys are really going to dig it! The social-media-savvy horror film from Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald, turns on its head the...
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