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New teaser trailer for Hidden In The Woods, starring William Forsythe

It's been too long since we've caught a new look at the Patricio Valladares-directed English-language remake of his Chilean horror film HIDDEN IN THE WOODS , but now we're here to change all of that with an all new teaser trailer that dishes out plenty of carnage in just 60 seconds. My kind of teaser! I haven't seen the original film so I have no idea what to expect out...
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Genre favorite Michael Biehn top-lines Severed Connection

Does this man ever stop working? Thankfully, no. Horror fans have another flick to look forward to with actor Michael Biehn attached to star in the Canadian horror thriller from Rob Freeman and Cody Hackman's all new production company Hackybox Pictures. It's nice to see Biehn turning out so many projects for the horror world, and while some may be hit or miss, he's a fantastic actor who...
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