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It's the Booze Talkin': Scream Factory is awesome!

When it comes to horror movies people love, one of the last things people ever think about is the distribution company responsible for their favorite copy (on DVD or Blu-ray). But you should, because without the efforts made by some of these companies, great movies that we love would never make it out of VHS hell, forever lost in the relic world of the 1980s. Pioneers of the business...
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AITH Podcast: The Serial Killer show! Maniac (2013), Cold Prey 2, The Collection (2012) and more!

LISTEN TO THE AITH PODCAST NOW! Blood Bullets & Broads: The AITH Podcast takes on the Serial Killer subgenre with Eric's take on the upcoming MANIAC remake (6:31). We also revisit FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009) (24:09), and review THE RIVER MURDERS, THE ALPHABET KILLER, THE COLLECTION, and BLOODY BIRTHDAY for shits and giggles....
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Two new clips from Cold Prey II

It has certainly been a while but the long wait is finally over as the sequel to the Norwegian slasher COLD PREY will be hitting U.S. shelves on April 23rd! In anticipation for its release we've got two chilling clips for you guys to check out. In the first clip a young woman meets an early and gruesome demise via fire extinguisher — what a way to go! And in the second clip a...
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DVD/Blu-Ray Release Dates: March & April 2013

Our GENRE DVD COVERS & RELEASE DATES section has been updated! March has me pumped with THE BAY  (can't wait), IN THEIR SKIN , the SUBSPECIES SERIES ,  THE COLLECTION  (can't wait again),  PHANTASM 2 on Blu-Ray  and WESTWORLD . And April has me with JOHN DIES AT THE END , the HAMMER COLLECTION  and  NAKED LUNCH . NOTE: Will be avoiding THE HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT 2 like the...
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