Reese Witherspoon to headline supernatural thriller Cold

One of the most popular and highest-paid actresses in Hollywood, as well as an Academy Award winner, Reese Witherspoon hasn't done a lot of genre work in her career, most notably skirting the edge of horror with the 1996 Mark Wahlberg stalker movie FEAR and in 2000 co-starring in AMERICAN PSYCHO . She's now set to delve further into horror with COLD , a project that was just acquired by...
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Face-Off: 30 Days of Night Vs. Dead Snow

We all had some silly holiday fun with our last Face-Off . The killer snowman Jack Frost defeated the killer Santa Billy from Silent Night, Deadly Night just in time to score some tasty milk and cookies. Now, the holidays are over, which can be pretty depressing... however horror is the perfect cure! Plus, it's still wintertime which can produce some nice snowy action. In fact, it is...
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Peter Facinelli joins Dylan McDermott in claustrophobic chiller Freezer

There's just something unnerving about the idea of freezing to death. Just look at how the characters in Adam Green's FROZEN dealt with the threat of freezing to death in that modern classic. Yeah, some folks would go to extremes to avoid an unrelentingly cold demise. The cold makes for a formidable foe and that's part of the idea behind the upcoming thriller FREEZER . Today we...
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