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Listen to the new 10th Anniversary Behind the Mask director's commentary!

Are you one of those fans that cannot get enough info on BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON ? I know I am. If you are like me then you will be equally as excited to hear that the flick's director just swung by THE MOVIE CRYPT podcast to record an all-new director's commentary for the film! The Movie Crypt for those who might not know is a weekly podcast (new episodes every...
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Lights Out director uploads full commentary on Soundcloud for free

I love commentary tracks. None of my friends seem to understand the fascination. I tell them, "But you, basically, get to watch the movie WITH the director!" And they remain unimpressed. Whatever. Fine. Leave all the commentaries to me then. See what I care. However if you're like me and attempt to gobble up any and all commentaries you can (I have even listened to...
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Happy Halloween! Bad Moon commentary with Eric Red and Michael Pare hosted by John Fallon!

Hey all! I hope that you've been enjoying all of the Halloween goodies we've been shot-gunning your way on AITH this month! And now here's the cherry on top! As promised; an AUDIO COMMENTARY for  ERIC RED'S 1996 werewolf classic BAD MOON with ERIC RED and MICHAEL PARE talking woflman-shop with yours truly hosting (if you want to call it that)!  So...
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How's this for a treat! Bad Moon commentary with Eric Red, Michael Pare and myself this Halloween!

Hey all, just a little Arrow in the Head Halloween announcement! To this day ERIC RED'S 1996 horror movie BAD MOON is considered to be one of the best werewolves movies ever made. And it has amassed quite the cult following over the years and for good reasons: it has assured directing by Red, stand-out and mostly animatronic werewolf effects (by Steve Johnson) and a powerhouse...
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