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Cool Horror Videos: Godzilla craves Italian in new Fiat commercial

Are you ready for one of the best looks yet at GODZILLA in action? Then you've come to the right place. But this isn't a new trailer for Gareth Edwards' highly anticipated new GODZILLA film. Instead, we get a great look at the King of Monsters cutting a destructive path in a new commercial for Fiat. That's right: Fiat, the Italian automobile. Those small cars make for a...
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Cool Horror Videos: Hellraiser watch and wear infomercial

He'll tear your soul apart, but I hope he spares the T-shirt. Below we have a crazy infomercial that first appeared on the original 1987 release of HELLRAISER on VHS and Betamax that offered fans a chance to buy some groovy Hellraiser swag. Unfortunately for all of us, the offer expired in 1989 so good luck getting your hands on that killer HELLRAISER satin jacket now. I just...
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Cool Horror Videos: Drown your Fears

  When you think of iconic horror images there are several characters that come to mind. A new spot for Herbaria calming tea utilizes three of them in an imaginative (and downright creepy) way. While an ad for tea is the last thing you'd expect to give you nightmares, this creepy spot is effective enough to warrant going out and buying some of their product. Monsters based on...
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Cool Horror Videos: Trick 'R Treat's Sam gets into the Christmas spirit

It isn't a TRICK 'R TREAT sequel, but the interstitial below is certainly the next best thing. Sam, the diminutive, pumpkinheaded mascot of the 2007 anthology, has returned to spread his own brand of holiday cheer. Helping a little girl make a snowy sculputure, Sam reminds us you can't have a snowman without the "man." The promo is directed by Michael Doughtery, who was behind TRICK 'R...
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