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David Fincher adapting British series Utopia for HBO

SEVEN and ZODIAC director David Fincher is set to adapt the British conspiracy thriller series "Utopia" for HBO according to THR who reports that Fincher will direct and executive produce alongside author Gillian Flynn, who will pen the script. Fincher and Flynn recently worked together on the adaptation of Flynn's novel GONE GIRL, which stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund...
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The Conspiracy coming to the small screen as an NBC pilot

We've been seeing and hearing a lot from Christopher MacBride's chilling and compelling THE CONSPIRACY lately, learning earlier this year that XLrator had taken the US distribution rights to the film which hit VOD platforms and limited theaters last month. We also saw a groovy new poster in early July that begged the question "Who can you trust?". Our own Jake...
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Exclusive: Alternate Room 237 poster is a brain-buster

This Friday sees the release of Rodney Ascher's ROOM 237 , a provacative look at the theories surrounding the potential hidden meanings and coded messages behind Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror masterpiece THE SHINING, and today we have an exclusive look at the alternate poster for the mesmerizing documentary. After the box office failure of Barry Lyndon, Stanley Kubrick decided to...
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New Room 237 poster zeroes in on conspiracy

We're only a little more than a week away from the theatrical, VOD and digital download release date of Rodney Ascher's conspiracy theory-filled documentary ROOM 237 about the deconstruction of Stanley Kubrick's classic horror film THE SHINING, and today we have a new one-sheet for you to check out below which zeroes in on a particular theory tied to the Calumet Baking Powder cans our...
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Unlock the secrets of Room 237 with this new poster

If you are a regular reader of this site (and why wouldn't you be?) then you've no doubt caught a few stories on  ROOM 237 , Rodney Ascher's documentary about THE SHINING (you can check out the latest trailer for the doc HERE ). Our own Jake Dee dug it (see his review HERE ), but I found myself at the opposite end of the spectrum, bored by the halfway point and suffering through...
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