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Win a trip to the premiere of Stephen King's IT with new fan art contest!

A few weeks back I gathered up a ton of fan art for the upcoming feature adaptation of Stephen King's IT . You can check all of that out HERE . Today I'm here to share the news that the official Facebook page for IT, along with Studio Ronin, are making one sweet ass offer to artistic fans of IT. The two forces combined earlier today to announce a fan art contest in...
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The Shudder/Clive Barker/Project Greenlight contest is open for submissions!

Here's the thing about most horror fans. They all have Shudder the streaming service. If you don't, come on, dude, get with it. Another thing about most horror fans is they all love all things Clive Barker . But they top thing all horror fans share is they are really just peeps who want to be out there making their OWN fright flicks! Am I wrong?  Let me know if...
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Clive Barker & Shudder want to finance your fright flick w/ new 300k contest

Got an idea for a horror movie? Want to work with Clive Barker? How about making a cool $300k out of the deal as well? Sound too good to be true? In this case, it isn't. Top horror streaming service Shudder has just joined forces with Project Greenlight Digital Studios and Clive fuc*ing Barker ( HELLRAISER , CANDYMAN , NIGHTBREED ,etc., etc., etc.) for a new horror movie contest!...
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Winners! Autographed by Eric Red Scream Factory Bad Moon Blu-Ray!

THE WINNERS: Nick Acosta, Rebeccca Mader and Lee Sparks! ERIC RED's werewolf classic BAD MOON finally gets the respect it deserves by way of SCREAM FACTORY's quality laced and packed Blu-Ray (released on July 19 with a director's cut of the film, a slick Making Of doco, the AITH commentary we had done years ago and more!) and we're giving away 3...
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Win a free audiobook copy of Eric Red's The Guns of Santa Sangre!

Hey all, I hope that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving day! I am sure that you are all still disgesting as I type this. Being that you're in a sedative state, what better time than to launch a contest! In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, writer/director/author  ERIC RED and AITH are giving away 5 free copies of his book THE GUNS OF SANTA SANGRE in...
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Enter's 4th Annual Halloween Costume Contest right here!

Got a kickass Halloween costume you're just dying to show to the world? Then you shouldn't miss a chance to display your genius to the rest of your fellow film fanatics by entering's 4th Annual Halloween Costume Contest ! Read on for further details! How to Participate: Simply e-mail your pics to us at: Make sure that you include your...
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Contest! Win a creepy cool prize pack from the horror flick Annabelle!

As we head into Halloween season the thirst for some good scary movies is ever present and it looks like we've got at least one that's sure to keep you up at night; ANNABELLE. ANNABELLE is the origin story of the creepy vintage doll that was first shown in last year's THE CONJURING, which was spooky enough on top of everything else from that film, and seeks to expand on...
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Contest! Win some cool schwag from Kevin Smith's Tusk!

Kevin Smith 's horror flick TUSK hits theaters this week and in celebration of its release we've got a nifty little giveaway going down, featuring some pretty interesting swag, especially for fans of the devil's lettuce. The film, starring Justin Long , Genesis Rodriguez , Haley Joel Osment, and Michael Parks has got a great buzz going for it (read our review here ) and looks like...
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Winners! Signed The Signal poster! Fishburne! Olivia Cooke! Lin Shaye!

And the winners are!  Brad Hardemon, Carlos Barajas, Wesley Richardson, and Slade Rodrigues! Thanks to all who entered!  Will Eubank's THE SIGNAL (Read Eric W's review of it here) , slated to come out in select theaters on June 13 , is one of my most anticipated genre films of the year (see the trailer below to find out why) and Arrow in the Head is...
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Contest Winners! Win an autographed Scream Factory Dead Shadows Blu-Ray!

CONTEST IS CLOSED And the winners are:  Claudio De Lisi, Ken McGabe, Bryan Fancey, Richard Ramos, Justin James. Thanks to all for entering! At the end of 2011 I acted in a French film called DEAD SHADOWS (you can read my diary of the experience here) . I had a blast and I am proud of what was accomplished with the budget we had to play with. On April 29th, 2014,...
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Winners! Win a groovy F13 inspired Vamped poster!

Contest is now closed! The winners are: Janvier Rousseau, Roselyn Avitia, Waldo Mcfenians, Kristian Gallardo, Kay Archibald, Kyle Stachowiak, Paul Huffman, John Fueshko, Eric Dart, Patrice Marchi We got a slick contest for you all! A poster from the soon to be released comic-book VAMPED  (see the art below, all the comic covers are parodies of classic horror films.),...
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Winners! Of an autographed copy of Eric Red's comic book Wild Work!

AND THE WINNERS ARE: Steve Goins, John Sacino, Patrick Collier, Shea Mastison,  Andrew Dunn THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED! CONTEST CLOSED Antarctic Press just put out the first issue (out of 6) of ERIC RED's   Dracula Vs. Van Helsing in the Wild West  comic book series WILD WORK , and we got 5 COPIES of said first...
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