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Cool Horror Videos: Siskel and Ebert honor John Carpenter's Halloween

Legendary film critics Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert made it very clear on their review show that they were not fans of the 1980s slasher boom. What many of us find to be so thrilling and entertaining, they found to be disgusting and depressing. Where we cheer at the inventive kills of a slasher, they were appalled by them. In the midst of the misery that films like the FRIDAY THE...
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Cool Horror Videos: Choose your own adventure thriller Cool

We've covered a few of director Alex J. Mann's short films here on Arrow in the Head - his Snapchat horror story 3 SECONDS , his Instagram horror story ME2 , and the emoji slasher WINK . Mann now has a new project online, and like his previous shorts this one has a tech twist. It's called COOL , and it's about  a smart thermostat that tries to sabotage a young couple’s...
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AHS: Cult promo shows off Emma Roberts

Have you been watching the latest season of Ryan Murphy's AMERICAN HORROR STORY ? Yeah, me too. Well, that's not entirely true, you see I watched the first two episodes and have yet to check out the third (which ran this past Tuesday). I do plan of giving the season at least one or two more episodes. Especially considering what comes next. Yes, in the next episode of...
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Evan Peters plays Charles Manson, David Koresh & Jim Jones in AHS: Cult?!

We are only a little over a week away from the September 5th premiere of Ryan Murphy's new season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY on FX. Recently journalists have screened the first three episodes, and during the event, Murphy dropped some interesting info on AHS: CULT , including who Lena Dunham plays and (how many) roles Evan Peters plays this time around. Let's go over...
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AHS: Cult trailer makes new season look like the best yet

"What's the most intense physical pain you've ever experienced?" I've said it before and I'll surely say it again later this year, but I'm not the world's biggest fan of Ryan Murphy's AMERICAN HORROR STORY . I loved the first season and thought FREAKSHOW was pretty cool, but I've had issues getting through any of the other seasons....
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Cool Horror Videos: AHS Cult title sequence featuring Trump & Clinton

Earlier this month we shared with you guys a slick series of character posters from the upcoming season of Ryan Murphy's AMERICAN HORROR STORY  featuring stars Alison Pill, Billie Lourd, and more. You can check out the poster featuring Lourd - and play "spot the clown" - below. Today we have something extra cool to show you as FX has just made the AHS:...
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Cool Horror Videos: Faux trailer for lost '80s Alien cash-in Laser Force

After the release of Ridley Scott's 1979 film ALIEN , the movie-watching public was hit with a deluge of low budget cash-ins and rip-offs that lasted for years. A few months ago, I wrote a Face-Off that pit two such films against each other ( FORBIDDEN WORLD vs. CREATURE ), and there are many more: GALAXY OF TERROR, INSEMINOID, ALIEN CONTAMINATION, ALIEN TERROR, the list goes on...
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Cool Horror Videos: Jarvis City's Ultimate '80s Slasher Tribute

One of my favorite types of movie to watch is the 1980s slasher, so when I found out that YouTube user Jarvis City had made a 39 minute compilation of clips from various slashers, taking the viewer on a bloody journey from 1980 to 1989, I immediately clicked "Play" on that video. The compilation is called The Ultimate '80s Slasher Tribute , and while I'm not sure it really is the...
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Cool Horror Videos: Simon Stokes' rejected Child's Play theme song

About thirty years ago, composer Joe Renzetti and singer/songwriter Simon Stokes got together to make a theme song for the movie Renzetti was working on at the time - Tom Holland's 1988 classic CHILD'S PLAY . The theme song wasn't used, and somehow its existence managed to pass by me completely, even though I grew up on CHILD'S PLAY and its sequels, and despite the fact...
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Cool Horror Videos: 20 minutes of Friday the 13th fake-outs and jump scares

Fake-outs and jump scares are things that should be done in moderation. They’re fun and effective, but when there are too many of them packed into a single film, when it starts to seem like they’re the only thing a filmmaker has to offer, it can start to get annoying. My beloved FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise has its share of fake-out jump scares, some of which were done...
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Cool Horror Videos: Die Antwoord's Tommy Can't Sleep, featuring Jack Black

I know very little about the South African rap group Die Antwoord beyond members Ninja and Yolandi Visser's acting roles in the Neill Blomkamp film CHAPPIE , but I have heard some of their music. It's not really for me, although "I Fink U Freeky" does get stuck in my head from time to time. Die Antwoord is currently on tour in promotion of their upcoming album The Book of Zef,...
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Cool Horror Videos: Honest Trailer for Friday the 13th: The Game

Last week we were finally graced with the long-awaited video game adaptation of FRIDAY THE 13TH . We waited for what seemed like years, so it is only to be expected certain people were bound to be a bit underwhelmed by the game.  Plus, this is the internet so, you know, people have to find something to b*tch about. That said, this is pretty damn funny. The video...
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