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Can you escape this latest clip from Aussie thriller Crawl?

Another new clip for the Aussie thriller CRAWL has landed on our doorstep to share with you guys. In it you will see what it takes to escape the ax man! The Collective announced a digital and DVD release for CRAWL on February 26th which is just around the corner. Written and directed by Paul China, this thriller out of Australia has been tearing it up at festivals and is being compared to...
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Exclusive Clip: Australian thriller Crawl offers up a bloody beating

Making its way to DVD and Digital Download on February 26 is the Australian thriller CRAWL , from director Paul China. Having been invited to over 30 festivals thus far, the film has been compared to the works of the Coen Brothers, Hitchcock and Polanski, and you can certainly see some of those influences in this brand new exclusive clip from the film that we have for you. I won't...
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Aussie horror Crawl headed for DVD

It was way back in June of last year the last time we hit you with any news on director Paul China's CRAWL, a nasty-looking little Aussie film that had been tearing through the festival circuit with a lot of success, garning many favorable reviews and impressing audiences worldwide. Now we have news that CRAWL is making its way to DVD and Digital Download on February 26 and we have a...
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