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Blu-ray/DVD Release Dates: January and February 2016!

Can you believe it's friggin' 2016 already? I don't know where 2015 went, but I hope the door didn't knock it in the ass on the way out. But time to look forward as we enter the new year, and that means an update on our Blu-ray/DVD Release Date section! In January we've got SINISTER 2 , Ridley Scott's THE MARTIAN and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION , if you're interested...
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Top 10 Genre Flicks of 2015 That Deserve Oscar Consideration!

Merry Christmas Mofos! As we all rip through presents, pound the spiked nog, feud with relatives and watch tons of movies...we thought we'd treat you guys and gals with something a little different this Christmas. That's right y'all, with only a few short weeks left until Award Season is officially underway, we think it the perfect time to give a little to the many worthy genre flicks that...
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The Arrow's Top 10 Horror/Sci-Fi/Thrillers of 2015!

2015 was a half/half year when it came to the quality of films that I managed to tap. Got lots of stinkers and oh-hum offerings, but thankfully I was also privileged to a handful of heavy hitters that came in and knocked me to the mat! Now I didn't see everything (bummed that I missed THE VISIT and that THE REVENANT isn't out yet for example), but such is life. My worst 2 films of the year -...
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Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak gets Blu-ray and Digital HD release dates

  Ready to head to Allerdale Hall? Or, better yet, ready for Allerdale Hall to come to you? Universal has announced a January 26th Digital HD and February 9th DVD/Blu-ray release for Guillermo del Toro's CRIMSON PEAK . The discs - especially the Blu-ray - will come packed to the gills with special features; you most certainly will not go wanting for in-depth information on del...
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Black Friday Deals! Horror Movie Blu-rays, Toys, Books and More!

Happy Black Friday , ghouls! Today's the day in the U.S. where we forget all about family and getting together for a hot turkey dinner in favor of ravenously clawing each other over great deals on desirable merchandise. It's tradition! That cynicism aside, we're not going to skip an opportunity to peddle some cool goods ourselves. Below you'll find links to a bevy of cheap Blu-rays,...
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It's the Booze Talkin', Are Big Screen October Chills a thing of the past?

If you are like me, the first of November is a tough day to deal with. Sure we can celebrate Day of the Dead, but after months of planning Halloween has come to an end. No more creepy decorations, no more candy, and the local cable stations stop featuring horror flicks on a daily basis. Well at least we had a great month of crowd pleasing genre flicks that haunted our cinemas,...
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Cool Horror Videos: Del Toro talks Crimson Peak with Nolan and Inarritu!

Here's a couple of thoroughly enjoyable videos for you Guillermo del Toro fanboys, and for the cinephiles among you as well. The CRIMSON PEAK director sat down for two separate DGA Q&As recently in order to promote his gothic romance, and these chats weren't moderated by any old schmoes. One was hosted by Christopher Nolan, the other by recent Oscar winner Alejandro González Iñárritu....
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It's the Booze Talkin', Why are audiences not supporting Guillermo del Toro?

There are very few filmmakers that inspire and excite my cinema loving sensibilities quite like Guillermo del Toro. From CRONOS to CRIMSON PEAK, this incredible filmmaker is able to paint some of the most daring and inspired images ever put to screen. And while some may feel that his latest is a tad simplistic as far as the story is concerned, for me there is an old-fashioned quality to...
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Crimson Peak (Movie Review)

PLOT: When sudden tragedy befalls the family of budding horror scribe Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska), smooth but mysterious suitor Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) whisks her away to Crimson Peak - a remote and creepily crumbling manor that seems to have a life of its own. REVIEW: After hoisting a pair of loud and colorful but ultimately flimsy tentpoles (HELLBOY II, PACIFIC...
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Explore the darkest part of Allerdale Hall in this Crimson Peak featurette

CRIMSON PEAK, you guys! There's definitely no other horror release this year that I'm more excited about. From the looks of things, Guillermo del Toro has managed to bring the fantasy-fueled vision from his Spanish films to American cinema. In this new featurette, you can learn a little bit about the inspiration behind one of the most powerful rooms in the sinister Allerdale...
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Spooky new clips grace this Crimson Peak TV spot

Is there any way Guillermo del Toro's  CRIMSON PEAK isn't going to be the best mainstream horror film of the year? In this new TV spot, we get further glimpses into the dark and audaciously gorgeous gothic world of Allerdale Hall, where ghosts haunt the halls and del Toro's favorite supernaturally pale performers get a chance to show off their chops. Check out the...
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Crimson Peak clip gives Mia Wasikowska a serious fright!

  Our homeboys over at JoBlo.com have scored an exclusive clip from Guillermo del Toro's gothic horror film CRIMSON PEAK - a good one at that! - and so we're going to sling it your way as well. Bon appetit, horror fans! Don't want to spoil too much about the clip, other than say it gives us a nice taste of the frights del Toro has in store for us - and leading lady Mia...
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