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Killer croc flick The Hatching wraps production

A new killer croc flick that is being billed as "HOT FUZZ meets JAWS" is inching closer to the surface as Screen Daily is reporting that the Michael Anderson-helmed THE HATCHING has wrapped production. Based on a screenplay by Nick Squires and starring Greg Davies ("Inbetweeners"), Thomas Turgoose, Sylvia Syms and "Primeval's" Andrew Lee Potts, THE...
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Top 10 Deadly Aqua-Menaces!

Ah, June is here. The sand, the surf, the sexy hunnies rockin' the two-piece...it really doesn't get much better does it?! Only there's one caveat: deadly aquatic monsters! Be honest, have you ever cut your time short 3-feet deep in the shallows out of fear of the unknown, the unseen?! Liar...sure you have. Hell, I grew up on the coast and always kept such a horrific what-if scenario in the...
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Synopsis and sales art for killer gator flick Chomp 3D

Choot 'em! Better call in Troy Landry and the "Swamp People" cause this bayou is about to be infested with giant killer gators and it'll take more than a boatful of guns and a little luck to save the swamp. Currently being shopped around the European Film Market is another killer alligator film entitled CHOMP 3D and we have the synopsis and a peek at the sales art for you below. A...
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