Supernatural/Scooby-Doo crossover hits March 2018?

Back in May, we brought you guys word that CW's SUPERNATURAL series was going to be doing a crossover episode with none other than SCOOBY-DOO . And since that article, news has been quiet on the crossover's progress. But earlier today, SUPERNATURAL co-showrunner Andrew Dabb sat down for a chat with EW and dropped a few extra tidbits on what we might see when the...
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Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters announced

I've mentioned this before - back when we posted about the upcoming Scooby-Doo/Supernatural crossover episode - that I don't watch SUPERNATURAL . I've tried, but it's never stuck with me. That said, I can see the appeal of the series so no harm, no foul. All the same, I know there are more than a handful of SUPERNATURAL fans out there so it is with that in mind...
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Sean S. Cunningham says the Friday the 13th TV series isn't dead yet

It's been a while since we've heard anything regarding  FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE TV SERIES . Last we heard, in fact, was the series was NOT going to be picked up by the CW (thank God). That said, today we have new info by way of the franchise's creator himself Mr. Sean S. Cunnginham. Cunningham was recently a guest on Ryan Turek and Blumhouse's podcast SHOCK WAVES...
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Supernatural/Scooby-Doo crossover episode coming soon

The CW's teen horror series SUPERNATURAL  is not something that I watch. I have nothing against the series and have tried a few times to get into the show as a ton of my "mainstream" friends have watched it over the years and told me it makes them think of me. Fair enough. I can see that. But I just can't quite get into it. Don't know why. ...
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Horror TV Roundup: Twin Peaks, Mr. Mercedes, American Gods, iZombie & more!

I was looking through the folder I call "Potential Posts" and saw that there were a f*ck ton of horror TV-related posts that I wanted to bring to your attention. So rather than bombard you guys with an endless stream of half-cooked posts, I decided to throw them all together into one big Horror TV stew!   HORROR TV ROUNDUP First, we have a new...
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The Lost Boys TV series has been delayed until next season

Turns out the CW will not be hitting us with THE LOST BOYS after all. At least not this development season... With little room on its schedule, the network has opted to roll the new take on the material to next season. So that buys us some time. The new take on the 1987 classic, from executive producer Rob Thomas (iZombie), is said to reimagine the movie with each new season...
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The CW's Weaveworld adaptation gets new writer

Now that HBO is seeing success with its Westworld series, the CW has renewed work on its Clive Barker adaptation  Weaveworld because the world of TV is a very linguistically confusing place. Although writer Jack Kenny was formerly attached to develop the project, he was scrapped about six months ago and the network has finally hired his replacement. Taking up the mantle...
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The CW's Friday the 13th series is officially six feet under

Of the three Friday the 13th projects in development ( the film , the TV series , and the computer game ), the ones fans seemed least excited about was the TV series being produced by the CW. Well I have some good news for those fans. The series is dead. Kaput. Gonzo. According to reports from today's TCA event, the CW has nixed the program, putting one more axe in Jason...
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The CW's Friday the 13th series isn't quite dead yet

The FRIDAY THE 13TH  franchise has really been put through the wood chipper lately. The new movie is roasting on a spit in Development Hell with no means to hit its January 13, 2017 date, and the CW canceled their promised series adaptation of Jason Voorhees' adventures. ...Or have they? According to Fridaythe13thFranchise.com , a source has stated that: The...
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Has the Friday the 13th TV series been axed by CW?

Way back when last August, we reported that the CW was developing a TV series based on Friday the 13th , but the project immediately vanished from sight without a trace. A potential synopsis for the show was: Reimagined as a sophisticated, horror/crime thriller, Friday the 13th is about the ongoing quest of a detective’s search for his missing brother that is...
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iZombie, Supernatural, to return next season in massive CW renewal slate

Someone must have spiked the mineral water over at the boardrooms of The CW , because the network just made an unprecedented move and renewed  every single  scripted series they have. The 11 series include comedy shows like Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and comic adaptations like Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and The Flash (comics are kind of a big deal, if you...
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Clive Barker's Weaveworld in development at The CW

The CW, a network that's already home to horror-related series like SUPERNATURAL, iZOMBIE, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, and THE ORIGINALS, is looking to add more genre shows to their schedule. Already working on bringing Jason Voorhees to the small screen with a FRIDAY THE 13TH TV show , they're now teaming with legendary horror writer and HELLRAISER creator Clive Barker to develop a...
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