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Delivery: The Beast Within (Movie Review)

PLOT : In an attempt to create a new series, a producer finds a couple who are expecting their first child after previously suffering a miscarriage. The story is told by featuring the pilot episode, and then interviews with the series creator as well as “found footage” to explain the tragic – and possibly supernatural – events he witnessed along the way. REVIEW : A couple expecting...
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A 'devil' of a clip from Brian Netto's Delivery: The Beast Within

Last month we learned that Brian Netto's DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN would be coming our way soon, hitting VOD later this month on May 27 and coming to limited theaters three days later on May 30. We later followed that bit of news up with the official trailer for the found footage flick, and today we have a 'devil' of a clip to share with you to get you stoked about...
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Official trailer for Brian Netto's Delivery: The Beast Within

Last week we got our hands on a bunch of new imagery for the recently The Collective-acquired DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN , and now we’ve got a look at the official trailer that offers some very familiar scares. Despite the positive buzz, I just can’t get into this trailer—it might have something to do with the fact that it looks like a mash-up of DEVIL’S DUE...
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Delivery: The Beast Within gives birth to terror this May in theaters & VOD

Back in June of last year we shared the teaser for Brian Netto's DELIVERY with you and since that time the film has gone on to have a successful festival run and was picked up for distribution by The Collective. Now the film has been retitled DELIVERY: THE BEAST WITHIN and we've learned that it is finally headed our way with a limited theatrical run in NYC, Los Angeles, San...
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Teaser trailer for Delivery gives birth to horror

Earlier this month we gave you a look at a new one-sheet for Brian Netto's DELIVERY, which is set to play at the Los Angeles Film Festival next week on June 16 and June 21, and today we have a creeptastic teaser trailer for the film and while these mockumentary/found-footage films are a dime a dozen nowadays, I gotta say that with this first look at DELIVERY, I'm sold on...
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Brian Netto's Delivery gets a new one-sheet

DELIVERY is an indie film from Brian Netto set to play at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 16 and June 21, and to celebrate the wonderful event we've got this great one-sheet to show you guys. I haven't heard much about this flick but apparently it's said to be like an indie ROSEMARY'S BABY which is definitely not a bad thing! DELIVERY is shot in the popular...
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