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Predator has been cast in Shane Black's The Predator

When Shane Black first became attached to THE PREDATOR I almost died from fanboy ecstasy. Then came word Black would be joined by Fred Dekker to write script and I thought I was living in a fantasy world of awesomeness. Then came news of The Punisher would whoop some Predator ass with Tom Jane joining the party. The news is really too much sometimes. I laid low and waited/hoped...
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Trailer: Alec Baldwin is the game master in bizarre sci-fi thriller Andron

A trailer for the upcoming sci-fi thriller ANDRON dropped today, and boy is this going to be a crazy film. This dystopian flick looks like a forgotten YA novel just barely aged up, with Alec Baldwin taking on the requisite ambiguously evil adult role. Essentially CUBE, THE MAZE RUNNER, and THE HUNGER GAMES have been put into a blender and Baldwin is the spoonful of...
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Fear is the enemy in the first trailer for Toxin, starring Danny Glover

Who better to fight a deadly virus than Danny Glover and Vinnie Jones? Though he may be getting to old for this shit, Glover goes up against a virus in the first trailer for TOXIN , which has yet to be given a release date. While the trailer itself really isn't half bad, I got the impression that it mapped out almost too much of the story; I feel like I just watched the entire...
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New poster for Saw 10th Anniversary! Are you going to see the re-release?

For its 10th Anniversary (still can't believe it has been that long), SAW will be re-released in theaters for one week only, starting on October 31st. Lionsgate has been blowing the trumpets hard for this revival, as it may indicate whether or not people still enjoy seeing Jigsaw do his thing, and today they've unleashed a new poster for the James Wan flick. Yes, today begins the...
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Cool Horror Videos: Dancing Predators

1990's PREDATOR 2 may not have packed the punch of the original film (hell, not too many films can match the badassness of the original PREDATOR... period!) but it has always held a special place in my cold, black heart. Maybe it was star Danny Glover oozing machismo, maybe it was Gary Busey's over-the-top performance as a DEA badass, maybe it was just having the Predator back on...
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