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Exclusive images from Bernard Rose's Frankenstein starring Xavier Samuel

  Next week sees the anticipated release of Bernard Rose's take on FRANKENSTEIN , and though he's faltered several times in the past couple years, I'm still eager to look at anything new from the director of CANDYMAN and PAPERHOUSE. (Check out our Dissecting Bernard Rose article if you missed it.) The film stars Xavier Samuel, Carrie-Anne Moss and Danny Huston, and we've got five...
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Dissecting Director Bernard Rose!

"The glorious thing about horror is that this is the only genre where you can kill the entire cast." - Bernard Rose With a learned quote like that, it's hard not to side with writer/director Bernard Rose. Of course, his atmospherically unnerving horror cult-classic CANDYMAN doesn't quite cotton to the theory of the aforementioned quote, but it comes...
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Alchemy is bringing Bernard Rose's Frankenstein to life in February

Bernard Rose's FRANKENSTEIN has been lying on the slab for a long time, waiting for lightning to strike and send it to our waiting eyes. Thankfully, the alchemy has finally come together, with the Alchemy company putting the film out on DVD on February 23, 2016 ! Now we finally have a classier answer to 2015's VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN . You can arrange your pre-order...
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Bernard Rose's Frankenstein starring Carrie-Anne Moss picked up by Alchemy

The US rights to Bernard Rose's FRANKENSTEIN have been acquired by Alchemy following the film's highly acclaimed World Premiere at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival where it was awarded the grand prize, the Golden Raven Award. The modern-day adaptation of the classic thriller was written and directed by Rose (CANDYMAN) and stars Xavier Samuel, Carrie-Ann Moss, Tony...
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First look at Bernard Rose's Frankenstein starring Xavier Samuel

CANDYMAN director Bernard Rose is trying his hand at one of horror’s most iconic monsters with FRANKENSTEIN , and today we have our first look at his re-imagined take on Mary Shelley’s classic novel. FRANKENSTEIN will have its world premiere this very weekend at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival. While the setup is certainly familiar, there's some...
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Face-Off: 30 Days of Night Vs. Dead Snow

We all had some silly holiday fun with our last Face-Off . The killer snowman Jack Frost defeated the killer Santa Billy from Silent Night, Deadly Night just in time to score some tasty milk and cookies. Now, the holidays are over, which can be pretty depressing... however horror is the perfect cure! Plus, it's still wintertime which can produce some nice snowy action. In fact, it is...
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Could we see more of Danny Huston on American Horror Story: Freak Show?

Danny Huston's The Axeman was one of the best characters on "American Horror Story" of any season, so it was great to see him return to the series in this years "Freak Show" last week (read our recap HERE ), even if it was only briefly. Playing the role of Massimo Dolcefino. a World War I prosthetics maker who had a profound effect on Elsa's (Jessica Lange)...
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Candyman director Bernard Rose to helm new Frankenstein pic; cast announced

There have been countless film adaptations of Mary Shelley's classic monster story FRANKENSTEIN over the many years since film was introduced, and now CANDYMAN director Bernard Rose is set to bring us a new contemporized take on Shelley’s iconic horror creation. Deadline is reporting that Rose is set to bring us a new version of FRANKENSTEIN and now we've learned who...
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Horror Whores: "American Horror Story" (2014)

Alright folks I've yet to catch up on "American Horror Story: Coven" but I'm hearing Season 3 of the genre series pretty much knocks it out of the park. I thought the first two seasons were solid enough but I'm just not a big 'witch' guy so I couldn't get into "Coven." But apparently I'm in the minority because people tell me this one kicks all kinds of ass. For today's Horror Whores...
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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven (Season Finale: January 28, 2014)

EPISODE: The Seven Wonders THE SCOOP: The time is nigh folks. After the wicked witches of Robichaux perform the ancient Seven Wonders ritual, a new Supreme is finally crowned! THE FOLLOWING CONTAINS MINOR TO MAJOR SPOILERS. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS EPISODE, IT MIGHT BE BEST TO STOP READING HERE! THE SKINNY: Call it a nice touch of nostalgia or a...
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New images from American Horror Story: Coven's finale casts a spell on you

This Wednesday brings us the season finale of "American Horror Story: Coven" in which the new Supreme will be unveiled, so it's time to place your bets on which witchy woman you think will be left in control after enduring The Seven Wonders ritual. It's been a wild season full of twists, turns and surprises, and I'm sure the finale will toss several more curveballs...
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TV Review: American Horror Story: Coven (Season 3, Episode 12: January 22, 2014)

EPISODE: Go To Hell THE SCOOP: Cordelia's latest vision is one of massive inter-Academy bloodshed. The girls showcase new Supreme-like talent, while Queenie makes a deal with Legba to seal the fate of Marie Laveau and Delphine Lalaurie. THE FOLLOWING MAY CONTAIN MINOR TO MAJOR SPOILERS. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS EPISODE, IT MIGHT BE BEST TO STOP READING HERE!...
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