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Sales art for Bait 2 3D stirs up the waters

Kimble Rendall's BAIT 3D was one of those 'love it or hate it' kind of films, with hardly any middle ground. Personally, I dug it...but I'm a sucker for killer shark films. Fans of BAIT will be happy to know that Darclight is jumping back into the bloody waters with the sequel BAIT 2: 3D and we have a look at some early sales art for it below. While there hasn't been any formal...
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First details and art for The Nest 3D come crawling in

It was only last year when Kimble Rendall dropped his sharks in a supermarket thriller BAIT 3D on us, and now Rendall has reunited with Darclight on another three-dimensional spookfest that pits man against a different kind of man-eater, only this time they're in the form of killer spiders in THE NEST 3D. We have a look at the first artwork and plot details for ya below. The film...
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