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Production team in place for Bill Condon's Bride of Frankenstein

It remains to be seen just how Universal's plans for a Dark Universe of connected monster movie reboots will progress, since producers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan left the project after last year's THE MUMMY underperformed on a budget that was too damn high. The second film in the Dark Universe series, a remake of BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN to be directed by Bill Condon, was...
5 days ago
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Guillermo Del Toro regrets turning down Dark Universe offer

A few years ago, Universal Pictures hired producers Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan to oversee their endeavor to reboot their classic monster movie properties within a new shared cinematic universe - a universe that would come to be known as Dark Universe. Under Kurtzman and Morgan, the plan was devised to connect movies featuring new versions of the Mummy, Dracula,...
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Producers Kurtzman and Morgan depart Universal's Dark Universe

In the summer of 2014, Universal hired Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan to head up their endeavor to craft a new cinematic universe around their classic monster movie properties - a universe that eventually became known as the Dark Universe. Kurtzman and Morgan were to oversee the development of the monster reboots and serve as producers on the films. Three years of work resulted in the...
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Gal Gadot is on Bill Condon's Bride of Frankenstein wish list

Two days ago , we shared quotes that director Bill Condon provided about his Dark Universe BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN reboot while he was in pre-production on the project in London. At that time, filming was scheduled to begin on February 1, 2018 - and since the actress Universal has been hoping to cast as the Bride, Angelina Jolie, is going to start working on a sequel to MALEFICENT in...
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Bride of Frankenstein production shut down, for now

I can't say that I find this news the least bit surprising. But all the same, yes it's true. Universal has just shut down pre-production on director Bill Condon's upcoming reboot of BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN .  The flick was in pre-production in London and planned to begin shooting on February 1st. But then the studio showed up and told everyone to go home. For...
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Bill Condon sees his Bride of Frankenstein as a tribute to James Whale

The second chapter in the "Dark Universe" that Universal is building around their classic monster properties is a reboot of James Whale's 1935 classic BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN , one of the most important films in horror history. There aren't many filmmakers I would trust with the job of updating BRIDE, but Universal has made a strong choice by hiring Bill Condon to take...
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Exclusive Clip: Tom Cruise and Alex Kurtzman discuss The Mummy

Director Alex Kurtzman's THE MUMMY , the first entry in the Dark Universe that Universal is planning to build around their classic monster characters, has made over $400 million at the global box office - an impressive haul that would be better for the studio if only they hadn't put $125 million into the budget and then spent $100+ million on top of that for marketing....
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Housebound's Gerard Johnstone is rewriting Justice League Dark

A Warner Bros./DC Comics project that would see a group of DC's more horrific characters teaming up to fight a greater evil, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK has had a lot of ups and downs over the course of its development. At first it was going to be written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, but after finishing a draft of the script del Toro departed the project to focus on other things....
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Max Landis is halfway done writing the An American Werewolf in London remake

John Landis's 1981 film  AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON is considered by many to be one of the best werewolf movies ever made, if not the best, so I don't envy his son Max Landis as he toils away at the task of crafting a remake of it. AMERICAN WEREWOLF would be a tough act for any filmmaker to follow (just ask AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS director Anthony Waller), but...
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Head of Universal's Dark Universe isn't sure about its future

The funny thing is, over the last few months whenever someone I know/meet finds out that I work for AITH - or "one of those horror movie sites" - the first thing they always ask me is "How did you convince someone to pay your dyslexic-ass to write words?" To which I reply, "I dunno".  After that, they always ask me what I think of the DARK...
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Channing Tatum was the front runner for Castlevania, now Van Helsing

Earlier this month, an animated mini-series inspired by the Castlevania video game franchise was released on the Netflix streaming service. One of the executive producers of this mini-series was Adi Shankar, who had previously been asked to be involved with the development of a live action adaptation of the games that has been in development hell for a long time and still remains there....
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AITH: Weekly Wrap-Up June 12th-16th, 2017

Welcome to the AITH: WEEKLY WRAP-UP of the week June 12th-16th, 2017 . This week we learned what John Landis thinks of Universal's Dark Universe, that A Serbian Film is getting a documentary, Venom stars shooting this Septemeber and much, much more! If you missed something this week, or just feel like going back through and seeing which bits and pieces of news hit home the...
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