Necessary Evil: Horror Movie in Complete Darkness

Hola, my horror hounds and welcome to another helping of scares that need to be there! The feedback on our last Ghostbusters 3 Necessary Evil was fantastic and I really wish the studio would give it a shot! This Friday sees the release of Lights Out in theaters and it got me thinking about how scary the dark truly is, especially in horror movies! Hence if a movie wanted to...
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Dark, executive produced by Joe Dante, reaches VOD in June

DARK , executive produced by master of horror Joe Dante and directed by Nick Basile from a screenplay by GUT 's Elias, is a movie we've been talking about for two years now. We started with some casting news and followed that up with an early teaser months later. I was able to write a review of the film last September, coinciding with its world premiere on the festival...
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Necessary Evil: Horror TV Series About Killer Family

How the hell are ya, my fellow horror-ites?! I hope you enjoyed celebrating a very Happy Birthday To Me with our last Necessary Evil . Now, let's transition away from film. I was flipping through TV channels the other day and started thinking about the state of horror on TV. It ain't too bad, though it seems for an original horror TV show to have any kind of longevity, it...
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Joe Dante-produced Dark starring Whitney Able acquired by Screen Media

  Screen Media has acquired North American rights to DARK , a thriller directed by Nick Basile and executive produced by the man himself, Joe Dante. The flick stars Alexandra Breckinridge (The Walking Dead), Whitney Able (MONSTERS) and Michael Eklund (Bates Motel). Set in NYC during the blackout of 2003... Kate, a struggling 30-something model with a troubled past, has...
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Joe Dante-produced, Elias-scripted Dark gets an Oldenburg premiere

Having written and directed the disturbing GUT , produced the mind game madness of PHOBIA, and currently at work on the "life after death" thriller AYLA, the mononymous Elias is quickly becoming one of the most interesting filmmakers in the indie genre scene. He has teamed with AMERICAN CARNY director Nick Basile and master of horror Joe Dante to bring more scares to the...
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Face-Off: Hard Candy Vs. Teeth

We were all happy to say "Cheers" to Mr. Tom Atkins in our last Face-Off and celebrate two of his greatest, hard-drinkin characters from Halloween III and Night of the Creeps. Sure, one of them got the victory, but all that matters is that Atkins himself is always the real winner! Thrill me! Today's Face-Off is partially inspired by the current hit horror film It Follows...
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A blackout of terror with the trailer for Dark, from exec producer Joe Dante

Back in May we learned that "Bates Motel" actor Michael Eklund was set to join the cast of Nick Basile's upcoming DARK, a sinister looking tale of terror set during a blackout that is executive produced by Joe Dante. Today we've landed an early teaser for the flick and it certainly looks unnerving. BLACK HAWK DOWN's Brendan Sexton III, Whitney Able...
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Bates Motel's Michael Eklund to star in Dark; Joe Dante to exec produce

Michael Eklund, who plays the despicable Zane Carpenter on A&E's "Bates Motel", has joined the cast of director Nick Basile's upcoming thriller DARK, according to Variety. Eklund joins BLACK HAWK DOWN's Brendan Sexton III for the psychological thriller that is being executive produced by genre fave Joe Dante (GREMLINS). Written by the singularly-named...
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Face-Off: Pitch Black Vs. The Descent

The few folks who commented on our last Face-Off were in agreement with me that Invasion of the Body Snatchers does indeed easily take over The Stepford Wives in terms of body-switching classic horror. For today's Face-Off, we decided to turn off the lights in honor of Vin Diesel's RIDDICK, which opens this Friday, and bring out two horror flicks that give new meaning to being afraid...
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Face-Off: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Vs. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

Happy New Year my fine Face-Off fiends! Everyone was in the holiday spirit with our last Face-Off and agreed that Stripe would indeed best Mohawk in a Gremlin grudge match. Now, at the very start of the new year, our genre has already been bestowed with a big-time release that will hopefully start things off with a crrrrrang! I was trying to write out what the sound of a chainsaw...
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