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EA is gearing up for a Dead Space film

It wasn't too long ago when we heard about John Carpenter's interest in adapting a DEAD SPACE film. There's currently no director attached to the project but could Carpenter get his wish? According to Variety, Electronic Arts is breathing new life into plans to adapt its sci-fi horror video game DEAD SPACE into a potential film franchise. Justin Marks helped develop the...
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John Carpenter interested in adapting a Dead Space film

Game Informer recently spoke with horror director John Carpenter in an interview where he revealed that he would love to adapt DEAD SPACE into a film because it's "ready-made". My initial reaction upon hearing this news was f*ck yes! My mind immediately wandered to his brilliant sci-fi chiller THE THING which is one of my all-time favorite films and if you ask me, John...
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Sneak peek at Titan Books' The Art of Dead Space

Tomorrow, Visceral Games is releasing DEAD SPACE 3 for XBOX 360, PS3 and PC. Meanwhile, Titan Books ' THE ART OF DEAD SPACE (GET IT HERE)  will also see the light of day tomorrow. This is a 300+ page book that includes original, never-before-seen concept art images and sketches for the game, supplemented by detailed commentary, covering...
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Exclusive: A look at the new Dead Space graphic novel, Liberation

Fans of the DEAD SPACE universe had better prepare themselves for this slice of awesomeness: an exclusive preview of DEAD SPACE: LIBERATION , a graphic novel from Titan Books which ties in to the upcoming video game, DEAD SPACE 3. DEAD SPACE: LIBERATION follows the events of the smash video game hit Dead Space 2. We follow Earthgov Sergeant John Carver whose wife and son are...
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The official launch trailer for Dead Space 3 smells like Phil Collins

The new trailer for DEAD SPACE 3 has arrived from the sky and it feels damn good. The short video offers some combat-driven in-game footage that looks awesome, with the protagonist fighting against the game's numerous enemies, while a cover of Phil Collins' “In The Air Tonight” sets the tone. Yup, you read it right Phil “frigging” Collins, maybe in space...
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