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Cool Horror Gear: Nightmare on Elm Street Box of Souls vinyl collection

As is the case with most of you guys reading this post, I am a major fan of (mostly) all of the films in the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise. Yes, even FREDDY'S DEAD. And, no, not even I can stand to watch FREDDY'S REVENGE.  But, yeah, I love the rest of the films to varying degrees and one of my favorite parts of quite a few of the films are their...
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Cool Horror Gear: Mondo's Death Waltz vinyl for The Guest

Here are a few things that need no introduction—Mondo, Death Waltz, and THE GUEST . It was announced today that the three of them are coming together for a vinyl release of 2014’s most kickass soundtrack, Adam Wingard’s THE GUEST, featuring a musical score by Steve Moore. Read on for all the goods! Just like the film is a throwback to 80s thrillers like The...
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Cool Horror Gear: Maniac Cop 2 & Zombi 2 on Vinyl

Mondo & Death Waltz have quite the treat on the horizon for horror fans, announcing that both the MANIAC COP 2 and ZOMBI 2 (ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS) soundtracks will be arriving on Vinyl tomorrow! This will be the first time ever that Jay Chattaway's chilling score for MANIAC COP 2 will be presented on Vinyl. Read on for all the details! Years after our release of...
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Cool Horror Gear: The Raid soundtrack from Death Waltz

Starting off the new year in kickass fashion is Death Waltz Recording Co., who plan to make their first release of 2015 the the original (and never before released in any format) Indonesian score to Gareth Evans’ THE RAID . Where can you pick it up? The album will drop over on Mondo’s website in January so keep an eye over there for a chance to snatch this one up....
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Cool Horror Gear: Ms. 45 Vinyl from Death Waltz

Abel Ferrara's (BAD LIEUTENANT, KING OF NEW YORK) 1981 revenge thriller classic MS. 45 just recently came off of its return to theaters back in December and now the cool cats over at Death Waltz are proud to be releasing its original score on vinyl. Below is a look at the artwork for the release which was designed by Alice X. Zhang who did a seriously badass job on it. This...
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Cool horror gear: vintage horror soundtracks on vinyl

Record Store Day is approaching it's annual event which falls on April 20th and will celebrate independently owned and operated music retailers — a rare sight to see these days. This is a pretty big event for music collectors because they often release limited editions of new, classic or even rare albums which can usually only be found at indie record stores. For this year's special...
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