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Cool Horror Videos: Every Death Scene from My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Happy Valentine's Day motherf*ckers! For those looking for counterprogramming to all the schmaltz and saccharine sappiness of a day like today, well then, we have the perfect gift for you. Below you'll find a cool horror video showing all the original death scenes in the classic 1981 slasher joint MY BLOODY VALENTINE . No bullshit. Every kill! Of course, if you've...
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Horror Ten Spot: Sam Raimi's Best Horror Moments

Although he's gravitated away from the genre in the last decade or so, Sam Raimi will always be a horror legend. In 1981 the man personified ingenuity by channeling the brio and bravado of anarchic youth into a low-budget horror classic, THE EVIL DEAD. Dude immediately upped the ante with EVIL DEAD II, a gorily cartoonish delight, then outdid himself 5 years later with ARMY OF DARKNESS. Of...
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