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Documentary about Halloween producer Debra Hill in the works

In honor of what would have been the 64th birthday of the "Godmother of indie film", producer Debra Hill (HALLOWEEN, ESCAPE FROM NY, THE FOG), a documentary has been announced that will celebrate her remarkable career. Filmmaking team DPYX (Marcy Boyle and Rachel Holzman) will write, direct and produce THE DEBRA HILL DOCUMENTARY , a feature documentary about the late,...
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Top 10 Halloween Movies (We Rank the Franchise)

Happy Horrorween you sick and twisted f*ckos! Best day of the year right here, isn't?! And on a Friday? All living hell is about to find its way to the streets! Let's all howl with rejoice! But before we get all decked and dolled-up, wrecked and balled-up - first off - remember to be safe amid your fun having, with an extra eye out for the wee little ones out there who don't know better. Now,...
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Face-Off: Halloween II Vs. Rob Zombie's Halloween II

We had plenty of great comments on the subject of our last David Fincher film Face-Off . Though the majority did agree that The Game deserved the victory over Panic Room, everyone made it clear that both were exemplary early works by master Fincher. I'm very excited for today's Face-Off because it's happening right within the heart of Halloween season. Hence, we are putting two...
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Where in the Horror are they now? Halloween's Nancy Kyes!

NANCY (LOOMIS) KYES THEN : My favorite time of year is at hand. October brings longer nights, fall colors and the smell of pumpkin spice everywhere you go. Of course, it also brings my very favorite holiday, a night of tricks and treats, demons and witches and the unmistakable presence of Michael Myers. In 1978ís seminal classic HALLOWEEN, John Carpenter created a...
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