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Pacific Rim 2 to emerge from the waters in 2018

Batten down the hatches,  PACIFIC RIM 2 is committed to a release date! The follow-up to the 2013 tale of big monsters vs. big robots will come crashing from the sea on  February 23, 2018 . So you won't be able to take a Valentine to see it, but what movie could possibly be a better second date flick? Production begins in the fourth quarter of this year, with...
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Star Wars' John Boyega suits up for Pacific Rim 2

If there's anything that will help your career blow up, it's starring in STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS . That has certainly held true for John Boyega, who will soon make another splash in PACIFIC RIM 2 . The actor, who played Finn the defected Storm Trooper, will be portraying the son of Idris Elba's character in the original film (no word on if Elba will be returning)....
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Pacific Rim 2 nabs Jurassic World screenwriter for new draft

PACIFIC RIM 2 is not a lucky film. Then again, PACIFIC RIM wasn't a lucky film. As the sequel attempts to power its way through Development Hell, it probably wishes it had its own robo-suit. The script, which has previously been trough drafts by Guillermo del Toro, Zak Penn, and Jon Spaihts, is being given another pass. This time, JURASSIC WORLD  co-writer...
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Kong: Skull Island welcomes Fantastic Four's Toby Kebbell

  Toby Kebbell is looking to rebound big time after his lame turn in Fox's FANTASTIC FOUR with Legendary's epic King Kong flick KONG: SKULL ISLAND . THR reports Kebbell is in negotiations to join the Jordan Vogt-Roberts film, which already has Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Corey Hawkins in the cast. Samuel L. Jackson and John C. Reilly have been rumored to be on the production's wish...
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Jurassic World writer making the journey to Kong: Skull Island

How long do you think the journey is between Isla Nubar and Skull Island? Hopefully JURASSIC WORLD screenwriter Derek Connolly packed some Dramamine, because he's about to find out. Connolly, who co-wrote WORLD with director Colin Trevorrow (among others) is set to take on  KONG: SKULL ISLAND . He is being brought on to make some last-minute changes, as the casting has...
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Jurassic World's Colin Trevorrow to helm sci-fi thriller Intelligent Life

Colin Trevorrow's JURASSIC WORLD will stomp into theaters on June 12 and now the director is looking ahead to his next project, with THR reporting that Trevorrow has lined up another sci-fi tale titled INTELLIGENT LIFE. DreamWorks has picked up the sci-fi thriller INTELLIGENT LIFE that Trevorrow wrote with his JURASSIC WORLD collaborator Derek Connolly, with Trevorrow attached...
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Horror comedy Cloaked to be produced by Robert Downey Jr.

Deadline got the recent scoop that Warner Bros. has picked up a pitch that will be written by Derek Connolly (JURASSIC WORLD) and will be produced by Warners-based Team Downey partners Robert Downey Jr. ( ZODIAC ) and Susan Downey. The film, titled CLOAKED , stems from the mind of Robert Downey Jr. who came up with the idea of the film and developed the concept with Connolly before...
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Sam Neill's Dr. Grant may not be visiting Jurassic World

It looks as if JURASSIC WORLD will be opening, even without the approval of Dr. Alan Grant, Sam Neill's fan-favorite character from JURASSIC PARK and JURASSIC PARK III. During a recent interview with the Examiner Neill, who has stated multiple times that he'd love to return for the upcoming sequel, was asked about a potential return to the series. His answer......
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Jurassic World director reveals when new film is set, says 'Reboot is a strong word'

Besides the fact that Universal Pictures will release the next film in the JURASSIC PARK franchise, titled JURASSIC WORLD, in 3D on June 12, 2015, we don't know much about what to expect. Fans have been wondering if the movie will serve as a reboot of the franchise as the film has regularly been described as a “reboot” during casting and pre-production, but apparently...
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Jurassic Park 4 gets new title, release date set

I absolutely cannot wait until the summer of 2015, which sounds as if it will be one of the biggest and best summers in terms of entertainment that we've had in quite some time with a new TERMINATOR film, a new STAR WARS, a sequel to THE AVENGERS and the BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN film all scheduled to hit cinemas during the summer months. Now Variety has dropped the news that JURASSIC...
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