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It's the Booze Talkin', We'd love to see Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash!

Can we talk a little bit about FREDDY VS. JASON? Yeah, the big showdown where two legendary slashers fought to the death - well sort of - and killed a bunch of teens along the way. Here's the thing, I love this movie. It’s ridiculously goofy. Every damn time I heard either the NIGHTMARE or the FRIDAY THE 13th theme, I was giddy with excitement. And yes, even the kills were...
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Full plot for Friday the 13th: Part 13 revealed!

The FRIDAY THE 13TH saga has been one cursed fuc*ing production since we last saw the hockey-masked hooligan take out teens way back in 2009. Marcus Nispel's remake was a joy to behold and I was all geared-up to see many more outings with the new Derek Mears Jason. But that didn't happen. So the guys over at Platinum Dunes turned their attention to a script by...
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The Twin Peaks revival will start airing on Showtime in May

The months of questions, rumors, and speculation about the episode count and premiere date for Showtime's revival of the 1990 - '91 David Lynch / Mark Frost television series Twin Peaks  have just come to an end. Showtime President and CEO David Nevins has officially announced that the new season of Twin Peaks is an 18 hour event series that will kick off with a two hour...
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Twin Peaks just might return this April... Plus, Fire Walk OST hits vinyl

The return of  Twin Peaks is imminent, but just  how  imminent we have no idea. Literally. Showtime has been keeping very tight-lipped about their reboot of the popular cult series, which wrapped production back in April under the guiding hand of odd  auteur  David Lynch. However, maybe - just maybe - they've released a clue out into the world....
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David Lynch weirds up this new Twin Peaks teaser

Twin Peaks fans that are eagerly awaiting the revival series from Showtime will be alternately delighted and frustrated by the newest teaser for the show. The frustration will come from the fact that the new teaser once more doesn't show a scrap of footage, nor does it give a more concrete date as to when we're actually going to see it. However, the  ...
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Actors discuss the return of Twin Peaks

We don't have information on a premiere date yet, but every passing day brings us closer to the "sometime between April and June 2017" period when the revival of the David Lynch / Mark Frost series Twin Peaks is expected to start airing on Showtime. It's obvious that it's drawing near, because Showtime has started releasing teasers and giving us peeks behind the...
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Composer Angelo Badalementi returns in this atmospheric Twin Peaks teaser

Twin Peaks is coming back, y'all! I just wanted to remind you. A new teaser has dropped for the Showtime revival of the classic David Lynch show, and don't get too excited because of  course  they're still refusing to show us footage from the shrouded, shadowy depths of Lynch's editing room. But they've provided us another tantalizing look at what we...
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Once again, Twin Peaks will break the network TV mold with upcoming season 3

When last we heard from  Twin Peaks , it was the news that the show might air sometime between April and June 2017. That vagueness seemed appropriate for the loopy David Lynch project, but things are getting even stranger. In this widely varied, malleable climate for content distribution, Twin Peaks might just dive into the deep end. Says Showtime CEO David Nevins:...
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Adam Green and Joe Lynch to podcast for 48 hours straight this weekend

Directors Adam Green ( HATCHET , FROZEN ) and Joe Lynch ( WRONG TURN 2 , EVERLY ) have featured a lot of gory deaths in their films, but now they're joining forces to save lives. For the last 167 weeks, Green and Lynch have been giving fascinating glimpses into the entertainment business through their podcast The Movie Crypt, and this weekend they will be podcasting for 48 hours...
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The Twin Peaks reboot is narrowing down its release date

Keeping in tune with the mysterious atmosphere of the show tiself, the  Twin Peaks reboot is surrounded by vagueness and secrets. We knew the show (which has currently wrapped production and is being edited by David Lynch) was set to arrive on Showtime in 2017, but now we have a microscopically more specific commitment to a date. According to Showtime chief David Nevins,...
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217-person Twin Peaks cast list released; Michael Cera, Trent Reznor & more!

Twin Peaks has concluded production of its revival season (or maybe seasons?), and here's what we already knew: Returning cast members will include: Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, Sherilyn Fenn, Dana Ashbrook, Madchen Amick, Miguel Ferrer, David Patrick Kelly, Richard Beymer, and Lynch himself. Possibly joining that list are Lynch's Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost,...
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Face-Off: Season of the Witch vs. Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Vin Diesel may be THE LAST WITCH HUNTER in this weekend's new release, but he's not the first big name action star to go up against black magic. He's following in the footsteps of guys like Nicolas Cage, who starred in the 2011 film SEASON OF THE WITCH , and Jeremy Renner, who was one of the title characters in 2013's HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS years before he was hanging out with...
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