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Michael C. Hall is open to a Dexter spinoff - are you?

Have we seen the last of Dexter Morgan? After the (allegedly) disappointing finale of Showtime's "Dexter" , the chiefs at the network made it clear they were looking at some form of spinoff series. Makes sense, since "Dexter" was their golden goose. But could they actually do it without Michael C. Hall, Dexter himself? The door was left open for the possibility of his return,...
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Dexter spinoff is possible at Showtime, but not without Michael C. Hall

To be upfront, I did not watch "Dexter" . Just never got into it. And from what I've heard about the way the series ended, I'm kind of glad about that fact. Nothing worse than sticking with a show for years only to have it shit the bed during its final hour. For those of you who did stick with it and felt sincere disappointment when it was all over, perhaps the show has some...
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